Essays on Sell and Distribution Marketing: Case of Structured Steel Industries Case Study

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The paper "Sell and Distribution Marketing: Case of Structured Steel Industries" is a good example of a case study on marketing. Structured Steel Industries or SSI is part of a larger steel fabricating company that takes stock steel and eventually manufactures products. On the other hand, SSI is only one of the miscellaneous or small steel fabricators who manufacture custom steel components. SSI, therefore, takes in the I-Beams and other products of steel and prepares or assembles them to be used at construction sites. The company cuts the steel to size, then drills holes for rivets and makes special beams, which are then used in specifically customized constructions.

SSI employs 45 production workers and welders which include one Plant Manager and 4 supervisors, ten employees in the Shipping Department, 3 Salespeople, 2 Engineers and 3 Project Managers working with the Engineers and the Salespeople in the preparation of bids, 2 Secretaries, 1 controller and the Chief Executive Officer who is Charlie. Since most jobs at SSI are customized, there is a lot of communication among all areas of the organizations like for instance among the Architects, the Contractor and the SSI to ensure everything is done well and right. Charlie, SSI’ s CEO got a call from Jack, the owner of Laredo Construction complaining that foreign steel had been slipped into their construction material against the company’ s wish that only US steel was needed to build the complex at San Diego’ s Naval Base.

The issue was that instead of Laredo being supplied by only US steel, it was discovered that Structural Steel Industries or SSI whom Charlie was it's Chief Executive Officer had supplied them with a mixture of both US and Mexican supplier against the specifications of the US Federal Government which only required domestic US steel.

The Mexican steel comprised 40% of the total steel that had been supplied to Laredo Construction. This was actually a grave mistake, which could have made Jack forfeit a performance bond had a Navy Inspector realized it (Hastings, 2011). Who is responsible for the mix-up? Given the above organizational hierarchy, the burning issue, in this case, is who is responsible for the mess of supplying a mixture of steel to Laredo Construction.

Someone in the organization ought to be responsible for the mess and enhancements or improvements should be made so that this issue does not occur in the future. Mary Longren, who owned up for being Laredo’ s Project Manager together with Manuel (The Production Manager) and Mark (the Shipping Manager) ought to be responsible for the mix up of the steel. On the other hand, Angela, the Sales Manager handling Laredo’ s account heaped blame on the people in the Manufacturing Department claiming that since they knew it was a federal job, they could not have mixed up he Mexican steel and the US steel.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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