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The paper "In Human Resource Management" is a great example of a Management Assignment. Aramark, which is headquartered in Philadelphia, USA, has worldwide offices, including one in Australia. The company is known for its professional services which mainly constitute operating as an outsourcer for a number of other service sectors including facility management, hospitality, food, uniform services, working with universities, parks, and resorts, healthcare organizations, convention centers and more. The company has operations in as many as 19 countries and employs a little over 240,000 people worldwide. One of its major divisions is Aramark Parks and Resorts, which caters to around 20 major park destinations.

Outside of Australia Aramark is a name to reckon with when mention is made to Denali National Park, Lake Powell Resorts, Shenandoah National Park, National Recreation Area, and Marinas. Each park operates around three to four service businesses that it handles through outsourcing contracts. The question of why this organization is chosen to blueprint lies, in part, in its history. A couple of years back the organization was confronted with a strange challenge. That was the declining repeat business in its overall service portfolio.

The brunt of this decline was felt more in operations that included operations of campgrounds, boat rentals, food service operations, and boat tours. On the in-depth assessment of the problem, it was found that people were reluctant to return the second time since the first experience that they had did not meet their expectations. When these people did a comparative analysis between Aramark and other destinations, they only felt disappointed to have gone with the former. The problem was more pronounced with Marinas and Lake Powell Resorts.

Clearly there was a need for employing both visual and traditional blueprint approaches to convince the client that is needed for improvement in services so that repeat business could be generated. 2. Service blueprinting is an innovative technique and a number of characteristics are at play when the need for using innovative techniques arises. Process nature is one of the most basic characteristics of a service blueprint. It is because services are unlike physical goods as it takes a period of time to unfold them. Their very basic nature is dynamic.

There are a number of sequential events and steps involved, and each step leads to a further transition towards good if the step is good and towards bad if the step is flawed. It is a constellation of activities that are at work (Gronroos, 2000). Customer experiences form another important characteristic of service blueprinting in what is known as today's "experience economy" – a term used to denote orchestration of the 'transformational', the 'memorable' (Johne and Storey, 1998). It is this orchestration that differentiates one service from the other.

It is not important as to what service is being offered, everybody anyway offers the same service; what is important is how the service is offered, what the presentation is and how much the lasting impression that it is capable of making. Meyer and Schwager (2007) have remarked that customer experience is “ the internal and subjective response customers have to any direct or indirect contact with a company". Another important aspect is service development and design. In order to encourage repeat and expanding business effective service organizations make sure that they do not keep their service development initiatives as ad hoc.

They move very methodologically and more systematically through numerous stages, where the objective for each stage is clearly indicated and founded on service design, customer feedback, concept development, idea generation, service launch, and prototyping. Both customer processes and customer outcomes are required to be analyzed so as to develop effective service design (Jong and Vermeulen, 2003).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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