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The paper "Service Blueprint Technique - Qantas Airways  " is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   The service blueprint is basically a technique employed when an organization is designing or developing a new service (service innovation). According to Laws (2004), the technique is also employed in diagnosing issues relating to an organization’ s operational efficiency and therefore useful in conceptualizing structural change. The idea was developed in reaction to the perceived poor quality of services blamed on the lack of a systematic technique for design and control within organizations. A service blueprint is thus an operational means that not only describes the characteristics but also the nature of an organization’ s service interaction in detail so as to examine the potential for improvements of services or facilities by means of assessing clients’ view of every step of the service process (Saffer, 2009).

It is within this backdrop that this particular paper intends to blueprint Qantas Airways, Australia’ s largest and the globe’ s second oldest airline. As highlighted above, Qantas Airways is not only Australia’ s largest airline company but also the second oldest airline company in the world.

Founded in the year 1920, the airline company started flying global services in 1935. Qantas Airways has now about 65 percent of the Australian domestic market and flies approximately 18.7 percent of all travelers moving within and outside the country. The airline company carries passengers to 21 global destinations and 20 local destinations in 14 nations across Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and the Americas excluding those destinations served by the airline’ s subsidiaries (Qantas Airways Limited, 2014). Reason for choosing Qantas Airways to Blueprint In my opinion, having recorded one of its worst results that resulted in the airline posting a $252 million first-half loss as well as cutting approximately 5000 jobs, in just about two decades, there is no doubt that the airline requires to be blueprinted (O'Sullivan & Massola, 2014).

The service blueprint will definitely help the airline to investigate the problems confronting the managers of its service delivery process, as a consequence, helping in assessing the possibility for improvement to its services or facilities by examining its client’ s view of every step of the company’ s service process. Three key elements of physical evidence revealed in the blueprint and how they influence the customer’ s experience Figure 1.Qantas Airways employees leaving the terminal at the Sydney Airport hours following the airline announced that it intended to retrench thousands of its workers Figure 2.Media Preview regarding the Qantas Airway Issue Figure 3.The Advertiser Newspaper with a clear description of the issue facing Qantas Airways The circumstances facing the Australian largest airline company which has resulted in it posting a $252 million first-half loss as well as cutting approximately 5000 jobs, in just about two decades will definitely affect the experiences of its customers (O'Sullivan & Massola, 2014).

For instance, having cut about 500 jobs, both the local and international customers will be affected by the capacity situation, besides the possibility of poor service delivery owing to the scarcity of personnel at the airline. According to O'Sullivan & Massola (2014), the company intends to stop flights between Perth (Australia) and Singapore in addition to retiring 6 Boeing 747 jumbos. This will have a significantly negative experience for loyal clients of the airline company who will be affected by such actions.


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