Essays on Marketing Services: Customer Interaction Encounters Assignment

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The paper "Marketing Services: Customer Interaction Encounters" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. This is a diary of the service encounters for the last two weeks. The purpose of this diary is to keep track of all service encounters in order to analyze them from the point of view of customer service theories. Episode 1 The first encounter of the day is one with the internet service as e-mails need to be checked first thing in the morning, before attending to new tasks. This service can be rated as exemplary for the most part – the connection is always stable and fast, computers and keyboards are clear, there is proper ventilation in the premise; there are also refreshments available, including coffee, juice, and water.

However, the employees of the cyber café can be sometimes not polite when there number of customers increases (this happens in the morning, at noon or in the evening). Episode 2 The second service encounter is during the break at the college canteen; there are sometimes difficulties experienced with getting this service. The main problem is that the canteen is seriously understaffed and sometimes it takes some time for them to add water to boilers; students are thus inconvenienced because they have to wait until the water boils.

Of course, a canteen is a place without ambitions towards customer satisfaction (as opposed to restraint, for example), however good service is always appreciated.   Episode 3 Gas Station. Service at gas stations varies from station to station; in addition, depending on people working there, one might not get proper attention and a customer would have to do everything him/herself. In such places, where there are people specially employed to assist with filling up the car with gas, such attention is crucial.

This is enhancing customers’ experience and adding extra comfort to it. While the car is being serviced, the driver can go have a bite or a cup of coffee, all of which looks very appealing if it’ s a long drive Episode 4. McDonald's. If it weren’ t for the setting of a particular restaurant, it would be possible to rate customer experience as an overall positive. The company strives to maintain high service standards, keep waiting times low and always make sure that all customers are attended to within the shortest possible time.

It is interesting to note that the company’ s standards are maintained in its chain throughout the world. From country to country, its staff is always ready to serve you and make sure you get proper attention. Episode 5 Shopping center. While shopping one day, it was shocking to see that shop assistants never bothered to come up to the customer and help, thus facilitating sales and overall customer experience. On the contrary, they preferred to stay in their places, read and talk.

The service provided there (or rather the absence of such) was terrifying and it was noticeable that all customers were not happy with their experience either. Lack of attention, obvious lack of competence and willingness to ensure positive customer outcomes were quite noticeable.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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