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The paper "Experiences With A Set Of Four Service Encounters" is a great example of a Marketing Case Study. The global services industry has expanded in the recent past. Unlike the perspective of the traditional service that services provided could not be standardized, Lay (2014, p. 162) argued that modern service industry trends imply a changing industry dynamics. In this regard, a majority of global service providers have resulted in the application of quality and superior services strategies s part of their sustainable organizational competitive edges. As such, it is imperative to establish key services standards and quality influencing factors.

This paper offers a diary analysis of personal services experiences between April and July 2014. Subsequently, the essay offers an analysis of the subsequently offered service encounters. Service Encounters Encounter A: Woolworth Service May 17th, 2014, was on a Saturday and the morning weather was chilly. We had scheduled a class trip to Victoria as part of our outdoor learning programs. Due to the previous week's time constraints and tight study schedules we had not bought enough groceries for the two days planned camp.

A quick consultation and internet search revealed to us that there was a Woolworth supermarket store outlet at Chadstone, Victoria. We all logged onto the supermarket website to ascertain the availability of the required vegetables as well as other personal required foodstuffs, everyone conduced their private web stock evaluation search. My online proved that the supermarket supplied all forms of vegetables and they also had the Woolworth select brands category of brands such as potato chips, which guaranteed on their quality and high standards. Based on an overall 80% satisfaction that our needs were catered for in the supermarket supplies, we set off for the supermarket.

On Arrival, there were enough parking spaces for our institution van as well as luggage care and security provision. The supermarket layout space was large enough with enough and sufficient space for trolley movements, providing enough width gangways for shoppers’ random movements. Moreover, the aeration and cleanliness standards were retained at their maximum. However, our shopping experience established that some of the brands advertised and marketed for online were missing on the shelves, on stock put accounts. For example, my favorite potato chips brand was missing out. To our disappointment, most of the products showcased online were not specific to any outlets but covered the organizational overall supplies across the numerous Australian outlet stores.

Therefore, the online portal could not be applied to establish whether items were on stock or not in a particular store outlet. Nevertheless, a majority of our needs were met and the group acquired enough supplies with no need for visiting any other grocery and vegetable products supplier in the area. Personal satisfaction level of the services= 5 Overall group satisfaction levels with services=7 Encounter B: Qantas Services After the long-awaited summer holiday Asian trip, my father informed us we would visit Hong Kong, China on May 1st, 2014.

This was the best family announcement of the year. However, the presence of varied available airlines, as well as diversity on services and costing, made a selection a tall order for him. As of mid-April, my father called and gave me the mandate of selecting and subsequently booking the appropriate travel airline for the family trip. A quick internet and consultation with friends established that the Qantas airline was among the best airlines flying into the region. Despite the charged fair and affordable air ticket costs, the review established that the airline offered quality service levels. I contacted the airline customer care to ascertain on flight availability, who subsequently directed e to their online portal, where I accessed the list of flights to Hong Kong, their timelines as well as seat and space availability Based on this analysis, with family consultations, I settled for the evening flight sailing directly from Australia to Hong Kong. On the travel date, we arrived at the departure early enough as directed to allow for clearance prior to plane takeoff. However, an hour to the flight, the monitors flash the news that the flight would be delayed for three hours due to weather conditions on the pacific. Although it was a long 3 hours wait, the airline management offered free catering services that enhanced satisfaction and reduced tension rates. The flight was smoothly coupled with efficient consumer services that made the flight a success, prompting my father to purchase return tickets with the same airlines.


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