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  The paper "Services Marketing Issues" is a perfect example of a Marketing Assignment. It was around 1:00 PM after a long walk with my best classmate. We had gone for an adventure and we had not carried foodstuffs. Therefore we decided to get into the Big Bros restaurant and take our lunch there. Since we were tired we expected to have a great service encounter and be provided with the meals that were light and could cool our tire. What exactly did the firm/employee say or do? The waiter was so rude to us just at the entrance of the door and no directions were given to us when we entered.

There was no menu on the tables that we sat on and when we requested for the food the waiter took long to respond to us. Embarrassingly, some ruthless guys enterer the restaurant and they were very much noisy and the waiter seemed not to be concerned about the disturbances that they caused to us. One of them came and ate from the plate that I was eating from. How would you rate your level of satisfaction with this encounter? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 extremely extremely dissatisfied satisfied What exactly made you feel that way? The service was poor from the time we entered the restaurant and I was forced to pay for the food that was contaminated by the nuisance customer. What could the employee/firm have done to make you satisfied with the encounter? Training the attendants on the customer care programs such as ushering in of the customers is of great importance.

The duration of the attendant’ s response to the customers should be implemented in the Restaurant which will display a positive emotion to the customers that the service is good and they will feel well catered for.

The management should implement ways of handling the customers who cause nuisance (Lovelock, Patterson & Wirtz, 2011). How likely are you or will you go back to this service firm? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 extremely extremely unlikely likely Why? Because am not sure whether the nuisance customers frequently visit there and take foods from the customers. Entry: __3__ Your Name: __xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_______ Name of Firm: ______ PPL hospital ___________________________ Type of Service (industry): _TREATMENT___________________ Date of Encounter: _________17/09/12______________________ Time Encounter Occurred: __4:30 PM_______________ What were the circumstances that led to this encounter? I had taken my friend who had been bitten by a snake in the school compounds.

The school nurse had attended my friend with great care and she administered first aid to my friend. She recommended further treatment that’ s the reason why I took her to PPL hospital. It was late in the evening and we expected to meet the nurse on duty. What exactly did the firm/employee say or do? When the nurse was contacted she took long to arrive to administer the service to us.

She came and she was on a phone call and instead of attending to us she continued talking with the phone. Surprisingly we had forgotten the hospital card and first, she questioned us of whereabouts of the card. We argued with her before attending to us. She continued with the service and she didn’ t even wear the gloves when she was attending to my friend. She took along with my friend as she had a crush on my best friend.


Lovelock, C. H., Patterson, P. G., Walker, R. H.,. (2007). Services Marketing: An Asia-Pacific Perspective (Fourth ed.). Sydney: Pearson Education Australia.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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