Essays on The Evolution of Human Resource Case Study

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The paper "The Evolution of Human Resource " is a great example of a Management Case Study. The saying among organizations that people are their greatest asset has become something of a cliché . As noted by Haines and Bandt (2004), organizations continually fail to develop systems that would support and connect HR practices to organizational objectives despite the apparent knowledge about the important role played by human resources. Using the example of Marriott Gold Coast Hotels, this paper will illustrate several aspects of HRM. HRM strategic plans are an illustration of the backward theory, where an organization envisions an ideal future, and then plans its human resources and strategies in a manner that contributes towards the attainment of that future (Haines & Bandt 2004).

At Marriott Gold Coast, HRM strategic plans are evident in the role that HR plays in supporting the hotel’ s business goals (i. e. becoming the leading hotel in the region both in the quality of service provision and visitor numbers). The administrative functions of HR (e. g. recruitment, training, performance appraisals, and compensation) are also geared towards realizing the HRM strategic plan. The HRM’ s implications to the organization are that by recognizing employees as a critical component towards attaining company goals, Marriott gold coast hotels have managed to develop its human resource towards supporting its business goals. Four possible HRM structures and delivery options According to Vosburgh, Resorts and Mirage (2007), HRM can be structured to act as: i) a strategic partner; ii) a change agent; iii) an administrative expert; and/or iv) an employee relations expert.

In the strategic partner structure, HRM can engage in strategic HR planning, culture, and image management, and should also adopt the role of a business partner.

If structured like a change agent, HRM would be responsible for talent management and staffing, training and development, and performance management. In the employee relations expert, HRM’ s delivery options would include handling workers compensations, employee relations, labor relations, and diversity in the workplace. In an administrative expert structure, however, HRM would adopt delivery options which include managing HR information systems, overseeing compensation and benefits or employee, and managing compliance. At the Marriott Gold Hotels, evidence of all the four structures can be seen.

For example, the hotel perceives employees’ (associates’ ) empowerment as one way of increasing its profitability, and as such, it can be argued that the hotel’ s HR perceives the associates as business partners. An administrative experts’ structure is also evident in the hotel through the HR department’ s encouragement of associates to share in the company’ s goals and missions, and the insistence that associates too should share their aspirations regarding the hotel. Recommendations, the justification for HRM structuring at Marriott Gold Coast Hotels. In a study conducted by D’ Annunzio-Green, Maxwell and Watson (2004) in the Marriot Gold Coast Hotels, it was found out that associates were divided into grades, with grade 1 and grade 5 being the highest and lowest grades respectively.

While grade 1 associates are subjected to specific goals during a performance appraisal, grades 4 and 5 associates “ are assessed using less complex assessment forms” (D’ Annunzio-Green et al. 2004 p. 140). Notably, the difference in the strategy used in employee appraisal has been criticized as passing on a message that could be interpreted as meaning that employees in grades 4 and 5 are less ‘ important’ than their counterparts in higher grades.

D’ Annunzio-Green et al. (2004) specifically found fault with the different appraisal systems because all employees’ recruitment procedures at the Marriott Gold Coast were standardized regardless of the grades that new employees were joining.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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