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Essays on Four Encounters in Service Marketing - in a Chinese Restaurant, Car Service Station, Online Shopping, and Rose Valley Resorts Case Study

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The paper “ Four Encounters in Service Marketing - in a Chinese Restaurant, Car Service Station, Online Shopping, and Rose Valley Resorts" is a  spectacular example of a case study on marketing. The report has been prepared to illustrate the importance of various models and theories in the field of service marketing. The report through four different encounters highlights the importance of cultural analysis, a three-stage model of service consumption, disconfirmation of expectations model and positional analysis respectively along with recommendations for improvement with regard to the same. The report highlights in the first encounter how cultural analysis is important for the Chinese restaurant operating in an American city.

It signifies important recommendations like the elimination of cross-cultural differences, sensing problems and linguistic barriers for ensuring better growth and improvement of the business in the future. In the second encounter relating to a car service station, the report signifies the application of a three-stage model of service consumption which has been properly reflected in the pre-purchase stage and purchase stage and provides recommendations to improve the post-purchase stage by focusing more on future intentions to attract new customers and uphold existing customers.

The third encounters explain the disconfirmation of expectations model by citing an example from online shopping. It signifies how online companies can ensure higher customer satisfaction by eliminating any differences or variances between the initial desire or expectation and the actual perceived performance. Lastly, the fourth encounter highlights the importance of Positional analysis for Rose Valley Resorts where despite the resorts providing all comforts and luxuries lacks positioning of its services due to factors like improper segmentation and targeting strategies along with unfair pricing system.

Finally, the report provides a summary of recommendations for all four different encounters in a more comprehensive manner to provide a better understanding of the entire report. DINING IN A CHINESE RESTAURANTDescription of dining in a Chinese restaurant Golden Pagoda is a Chinese restaurant in the heart of the city New York which is known for its excellent delicious Chinese food with an ambiance resembling Chinese culture and popularly known as a small Chinese city in the middle of America. The restaurant is equipped with varieties of Chinese dishes and use of chopsticks instead of spoons and forks with Chinese waiters and smaller outlets inside the restaurant selling cultural Chinese products along with a feel of religious touch resembling Lord Buddha. Cultural Analysis of dining in a Chinese restaurantConsumers are exposed to different cultures and cross-culture analysis plays an important role particularly in the consumer goods industry.

The restaurant attracts a large number of customers not only from Chinese origin but people from varied cultural differences. The ambiance of the restaurant has been minutely designed by Chinese architecture to keep the feel of Chinese land intact.

With Chinese waiters, people encounter linguistic problems and difficulty in pronouncing the name of Chinese dishes uncommon from the American dishes usually served by other restaurants. The religious touch of Chinese culture further helps in attracting a large number of audience and the use of one of the seven wonders in the world “ The Great Wall of China” has been beautifully crafted on the walls of the restaurant to provide a complete sense of Chinese feeling in the restaurant. People’ s values, beliefs, customs, and traditions have been specially taken care of to translate consumer’ s potential wants and desires into actual needs and wants and ultimately satisfying the same (Barker & Haertel, 2004).

The cultural impact of the restaurant has been designed to attract more Chinese customers however the restaurant lacked in providing an American touch with limited or no American dishes. Language barriers, cultural differences, sensing problems and emotional and cognitive reactions are some basic elements which the restaurant needs to be highly equipped to attract more and more cross-cultural customers. However, the restaurant has been graded as one of the tops in rankings satisfying people with delicious Chinese dishes which one can actually enjoy in a far off land of China.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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