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Essays on Qantas Airline's Strategic Marketing Approach in Its Operations as the Reason for Its Popularity in the Market Case Study

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The paper “ Qantas Airline's Strategic Marketing Approach in Its Operations as the Reason for Its Popularity in the Market" is a forceful example of a case study on marketing. It is evident that the right approach in any firm’ s marketing strategy is important in attaining and maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage in the market. This becomes more fundamental when a particular firm is confronted by massive competition in the market which endangers both its short and long-term viability. Consequently, the application of an ideal marketing mix is imperative in the process of identifying the opportunities in the market, launching new products as well as surviving both real and prospective competition in the market.

This fact is supported by Anderson (1982) who determined that the role of marketing in strategic planning involves the identification of the most suitable long-term positions for the firm which stresses the necessity for proper identification of the opportunities in the current and future market. Against this background, this paper will explore the marketing approach of Qantas Airlines as a form of tourism infrastructure with significant attention to the consumer service component.

In addition, recommendations on how this service might be enhanced will be developed in the latter section of this analysis. Nonetheless, it is fundamental to briefly explore the profile of this airline in order to gain a comprehensive insight into some of its most rudimentary undertakings founded on the need to satisfy tourism consumers. Qantas Airlines: Company profileAccording to the Qantas Airlines website (2012), this airline was founded in 1920 and has evolved into becoming the largest airline in Australia, both at the national and international levels. The success of this airline is concretely founded on its long-established reputation of customer service, reliability, safety, engineering, and maintenance as well as operational reliability. On a very basic level, the primary business of the Qantas group is based on transportation whereby two complementary brands of Qantas and Jetstar are usually used.

In addition, it also runs other supplementary businesses which include but not limited to airlines and businesses in particular markets, for instance, Q catering. In regard to tourism, Qantas airline has been credited for extensive promotion of events which are directly linked to tourism, for instance, Cradle Coast Tourism Forum, Queensland Outback Tourism Awards, and Lord Howe Island Tourism Association among others. This exhibits a robust commitment towards the advancement of this sector in rural and regional Australia.

Moreover, this airline works collaboratively with other segments of the Qantas group to promote regional tourist destinations both within the boundaries of Australia and oversees (Qantas Airlines website, 2012). Marketing mix analysisThis analysis will center on the 7Ps of marketing which are price, product, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence elements. PriceRoos et.

al (2006) noted that after an epoch when Virgin airline which is the primary competitor to Qantas won approximately 30% of the Australian market share, Qantas responded by establishing its own low-cost airline, Jetstar and eventually delegated some strategic routes mainly to tourist destinations to this subsidiary airline. Thus, this reveals a strategic approach of Qantas as a response to the nature of competition in the market. The pricing strategy of Qantas also focuses on giving value to consumers. This perception is determined by all the features of the product which include those not related to price, for instance, prestige and quality.

This will make the buyers willing to pay for the product. Lastly, Qantas offers discounts to consumers to encourage them to choose this specific airline, mostly to their tourist destinations.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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