Essays on Improving Market Position of a Service: Virgin Blue Airlines Case Study

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The paper "Improving Market Position of a Service: Virgin Blue Airlines" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing.   Marketing can be defined as an organizational function and a set of processes for communicating, creating, implementing and delivering value to customers and for managing customer-business relationships in a way that will benefit both the organization and the stakeholders involved. Such processes succeed in moving people closer to making a decision to purchase and facilitate a sale. In the long run, these processes will anticipate, identify and try to satisfy customer requirements successfully and profitably.

Market segmentation is important when carrying out marketing in the service industry. This is because it leads to an improved image of the organization or product. When marketing is done efficiently it leads to increased sales and more profits are reaped by the organization. It gives the business a competitive advantage over other businesses. When marketing is well carried out it means customers will be more satisfied with the services offered since their changing needs will be met. Marketing helps to change the attitudes to services being offered. 2.0 Introduction Marketing can be described as a set of processes that are undertaken by an organization in order to create, communicate and add value to the services that the organization deals with.

The aim of marketing is to create awareness and a relationship with the customers in a manner that will be beneficial to the organization and the stakeholders. (Avlonitis, 2005, p. 52) Marketing does exist as an activity of an organization, and it is ever-changing in accordance with new trends and technology in the field. Initially, many business managers never used to market their services.

This was thought to be a venture that only applied to product-oriented organizations. (Sharp, 2002, p. 16) With time, this perception generally changed and marketing infiltrated into service-oriented organizations too. This paper is dealing with the literature review of service marketing management. There is also a further explanation of how the market position for the virgin blue airlines can be improved through the marketing mix. 3.0 Review of service marketing Service marketing has been described as a very challenging venture. This is especially due to the fact that services are not as visible as products.

It is not easy for a service to be rated as good or bad unless the customer is given the service itself. Nevertheless, the marketing of services is as essential as the marketing of products. (Wolak, 1998, p. 39) Very many airlines market their services through different means. One of the ways through which these companies market their products is publicity. This is a very deliberate attempt to manage the overall perception of the public in relation to a specific service. This can be done through press coverage about a service.

In this case, the company uses media like television to advertise their services.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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