Essays on Developing a Service Blueprint for Broadburger Canberra in Kingston Case Study

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The paper "Developing a Service Blueprint for Broadburger Canberra in Kingston " is a great example of a marketing case study.   This report looks to develop a service blueprint for Broadburger Canberra in Kingston where it will look to identify the complete blueprint by highlighting the different elements of physical evidence; the different bottlenecks that is present in the system; an alternative mechanism to deal with the bottlenecks; manner in which blueprint will help to bring a change in marketing, human resource and operations; and finally the important learning and its applicability in the real world scenario.

The entire framework will thereby help to improve the service quality and bring the required transformation in carrying out the business. Reason for choosing the organization The prime reason for choosing Broadburger Canberra in Kingston is that the organization works completely in the field of a service sector. Since the organization provides food and works in the healthcare industry which is totally service-based and the customer expectation and experience is influenced by the different perception and satisfaction level they undergo so developing a blueprint based on it would be better.

This will help to analyze the different factors which have a role in the service quality and standard for the organization and will help to develop a blueprint based on it so that better customer satisfaction can be enriched. This is supported by the fact that Broadburger is easily accessible and near to the place which provides an opportunity to visit the outlet number of time and understand about the different aspect of service marketing in a better manner. Three key elements of physical evidence The three key elements of physical evidence which have been identified are The first major component is the exterior facility which is characterized by signage, parking, the layout of the building and the external condition.

Having proper exterior facilities helps to satisfy the customers as it provides a sense of belonging and creates the urge to visit the store and lays down the stone for the service standards. The second component for physical evidence is The second component highlights the interior facilities which include interior design, equipment, layout, air temperature, menu design, kitchen layout and cleanliness and others.

This aspect helps the customers to determine the manner in which the different aspect of service quality is being lain stress on and helps to create the required framework based on which the service standards can be measured. The third component of physical evidence is as The third aspect of physical evidence tends to include management of the resources, the employees dress, the final bill and stationery used like plates and others. This is one of the most important components as the overall delivery standard and the manner in which customer satisfaction is enhanced is identified.

This thereby helps to develop the required framework based on which the service blueprint is determined. Three potential fail points or bottlenecks The three different potential fallout or bottlenecks which might be present and would hamper the service standard are  Inability to understand the customer needs and requirements clearly which will have an impact on the service standard as despite having the required resources the business won’ t be in a position to be able to deliver on the high standards as determined in the blueprint. Presence of bottlenecks in the interior facilities regarding the interior layout and design of the kitchen.

This might arise due to the fact that incorrect positioning of the kitchen might render it difficult to carry out the different services and might have an impact and hinder the entire process of providing services to its customers Inability to hire the best employees who are able to deliver service standards based on the blueprint so that every aspect of customer satisfaction which has been identified in the blueprint provides the same advantage. This will thereby create the required bottleneck through which provides the required service standard will become difficult.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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