Essays on Service Marketing in Emirates Airlines - Areas for Improvement and Constraints Case Study

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The paper “ Service Marketing in Emirates Airlines - Areas for Improvement and Constraints” is a  fascinating example of a case study on marketing. Service marketing as defined by Hoffman & Bateson (2010) as the gain, contentment or doing that is offered for trade or is provided with the purchase of a good as a means to sell a company to the consumers. The case study is about a customer who is not satisfied with the services offered by Emirates Airlines. Looking at the case study, in the course of the customer’ s use of the airline as a means of travel, the customer experiences several shortcomings which were not expected as he was using a first-class on his trip with the airline.

The customer is upset by the airline due to several reasons. One is that there is a lack of proper and appropriate communication from the airline. This is depicted by the information pack provided by Arabian adventures on the transfer time which contradicts that which the driver sent to pick him up says. The timing of the airline’ s schedules is also a cause of upset as shown by delays in departure time.

In some cases, the airline does not give customers time to stretch and relax on a stopover. The airline’ s website which the customer visited is also faulty as it does not provide a submit button. On receiving the customer’ s complaint, the airline sends the writer a gold member card which really upsets the writer. The 3 dimensions of justice which are interactional, procedural and distributive justice when related to service recovery provides a means through which the airline can respond to the customers' experience and recover the customer by improving their services.

The lessons that any service marketer can learn from this case study is that the services provided by the company been marketed must meet the expectations of the customer. Also, the service marketer should respond to any shortcomings of the service been provided appropriately. The best way through which Emirates would recover the customer would be to correct all the areas affected by the complaints and then contact the customer and offer him a free trip to a destination of his choice and get the feedback.

This report looks at marketing issues, analyses the case study, the areas for improvement and gives recommendations. Marketing IssuesMarketing issues consist of both touchable and untouchable things. The word things here imply services and goods. To a certain extent, the marketing mix includes goods which are considered touchable and to a lesser degree untouchable while services are regarded as untouchable and to a lesser degree touchable. In our case study, it is dominantly service-oriented in terms of the services offered by Emirates Airlines.

In this case, the service offered by this airline is one that is supposed to be felt and experienced and not the ownership of a product offered by the airline. However, to a certain degree, the service offered by the airline is in itself a product which to a greater degree is more of an untouchable thing which could be named as a first-class product. By naming it first class, it is a means of marketing the product which puts into the mind of the customer the expectations of the best offering of services that the customer would actually receive while on a trip with the airline.

So, the airline offers transport to its customers, but they, in reality, do not own the plane they use nor the product that they choose to use in the course of their trip which in the case study is first class (Hoffman & Bateson, 2010).      

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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