Essays on Service Marketing of British Airways Case Study

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The paper "Service Marketing of British Airways" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. The marketing of service is more complicated than that of a good as a service is intangible. It follows then that the marketing mix of service has to be more detailed and carefully chosen to influence the purchasing decisions of consumers of services. Every organization markets its services differently from its competitors in order to gain an edge over its competitors. Unlike a good whose marketing mix is limited to the 4 Ps of Product, Place, Promotion, and Price the marketing of service also includes the P of people, Physical environment and process.

In this paper, we look at how British Airways one of the most successful international airline uses the concept of the 7 P’ s of the marketing mix to market its services across the globe. British airline Plc is an international airline registered in the United Kingdom. The company operates scheduled flight services to over 300 destinations across the globe. It is ranked among the best performing service companies in the world 2.0 Extended Marketing Mix of British Airways 2.1 Products A product is defined as something that satisfies the needs of customers.

A service product is considered a package with features and benefits. BA’ s service product is flights to various destinations to various cities in the world. British Airways is a leader in its industry sector in offering high-quality services to its consumers. According to Le Bel (2005), a service offering is divided into three levels of service; these are the basic package level, the augmented service level, and the market communication level. At the service pack level, BA’ s core service is moving travelers from one destination to another.

To satisfy its customer's BA divides its services its flight services into Economy, Premium economy, Business, and first-class. By using this approach BA makes sure its services satisfy various segments of its customer base. BA uses the concept of the flower of service to ensure its customer's service is up to the high standards expected by its consumers. Among the facilitating services at BA include online ordering that enables customers to book their flights online through a smooth process on its website.

The website also provides detailed information about BA’ s various service offerings, while the airway keeps customers who have booked flights with them updated about the status of their flights. Payment and billing for BA’ s service are done online through credit card payment making it easier for travelers who do not have to be inconvenienced in the process of changing currencies (Svensson 2006). In a competitive business environment, a company must use several strategies to enhance its products to different them from those of competitors (Baghai, Smit and Viguerie 2009).  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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