Essays on Service Marketing: The Experience of the Breakdown in Service Provision Assignment

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The paper "Service Marketing: The Experience of the Breakdown in Service Provision" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. The search for better and satisfactory services has been on the rise over the past decade. The provision of good service guarantees the service provider repeat customers and thus an ever-expanding and loyal customer base (Lusch, Vargo & Obrien 2007, p. 5). Service encounter is thus the service experience from the customer’ s own perspective. My encounter with the different service providers was negative although these failures could most probably have genuine reasons.

No business would willingly want to disappoint its customers and this would be most likely the case with the four service providers I interacted with. My findings ranged from lack of “ care” about consumers, poor communication or complete lack of it to customers, unmotivated employees, time management issues and lack of employee training on the different facets of service provision. All these service failures could be corrected if the different models of service marketing are employed by the management of each of the service providers. In my report, I am going to pinpoint in detail service provision issues that I think each provider needs to work on and give recommendations on how to overcome these issues and provide good services.

This will help the management to understand who they are dealing with and thus be able to provide the required services satisfactorily. In general, all my recommendations center on encouraging service providers to apply the various models of service marketing to understand their consumers. The ability to create and maintain a company’ s image on the mind of the consumers is also among the recommendations I made and the most important part is in the maintaining since failure to sustain this image will not differentiate the service provider from those offering the same service (Lusch & Vargo 2007, p.

8). Application of service marketing models is thus important if service providers want to attract and retain potential and already loyal customers. Consumers boast of being custodians of a very powerful tool, money. Therefore, whatever we buy from retailers, be it a product or a service, we expect to get value for money (Lovelock & Gummesson 2004, p.

9). For tangible products, it is easy to return them to the store if one is not contented. This is however not possible with services as they are produced and ingested at the same time. Once the consumer has committed him/herself, then the risk of variability increases; thereby prompting service providers to put more emphasis on service quality (Lovelock & Gummesson 2004, p. 10). In my report, I am going to discuss four personal encounters I had with my first encounter being at New Image Hair salon where I had gone for a haircut.

I was referred to the salon by a friend who had told me that they did a good job at it.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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