Essays on Service Operation Management in Barclays Bank and Wagga Independent Groceries Company Case Study

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The paper “ Service Operation Management in Barclays Bank and Wagga Independent Groceries Company” is a perfect example of a case study on management. Barclays Bank is an international company offering banking services to its clients and potential customers i. e. those with no account but transacts with people with an account with Barclays. In the banking sector, a customer is termed as a person who has an account with the bank regardless of whether the funds are available in that account or not. The head office of Barclays is located in London and it has many branches across the world.

The main business of Barclays Bank is to offer banking services, corporate, and investment banking to its clients. Barclays is the leading company offering financial services in the world. The company has been rank as a top company in terms of employment. They offer competitive salaries that have made it difficult for employees to move to other companies thus portraying a positive image. Human resource managers of various branches of Barclays Bank have contributed most to the success of the company. This has been due to the motivations of employees in terms of promotions, salary increase, and praising of good work. Services offered by the bank have various characteristics which include intangibility.

This characteristic of services has made it difficult for many marketers to market the services and convince the customer to buy. Effective marketers are able to sell these services despite their intangibility. The main thing that enables these marketers to sell intangible services is that they create a picture of service to customers and demonstrate how the services will be beneficial to them in case they make a choice to buy (Krishnan, 2009.

p 200). The image of the bank is also another important element that will determine whether the customer will trust the services offered by the bank or not. In Barclays bank, the company has a good image in terms of building and has enough parking spaces for customers in their premises. Customers want to associate themselves with valuable things and thus when the bank looks smart everyone will want to belong to that bank.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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