Essays on Strategic Operation Management of Singapore Airlines Case Study

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The paper “ Strategic Operation Management of Singapore Airlines ” is an inspiring variant of the case study on management    In the history of competition among the world’ s largest airlines, Singapore Airlines has managed to be listed among the best performing airlines for a long time. The airline business has been experiencing some challenges due to several factors, for instance, overcapacity, and commoditization of offerings, rivalry, and competition by airlines that offer low price cost carriers. The other calamities that have also hit the airline industries are macro level, and socio-economic factors like the increase in the oil prices, the eruption of diseases like bird flu, hurricanes, calamities like the Asian tsunami and terrorism have messed with Airline businesses (Wirtz, et al, 2008).

Between the years 2001 and 2006, the airline industry has experienced several losses globally and it had been rated as one of the industries that are performing poorly in the international market. Despite all the speculations in the Airline business, Singapore airlines have proved to have performed better despite the challenges that faced the industry to outdo their competitors. The success is evident since they have not recorded loss over the past decades.

They have been awarded on many occasions on their good performance too. It is believed that outstanding performance has been achieved through the implementation of the dual strategy (Lee, et al, 2011).         The company has employed a system of core strategies that seek to mix excellent customer service with high rates of profitability. All these factors have made Singapore airlines to be seen as the most admired company that comes from Asia and being ranked as one of the world’ s leading airlines.

This paper tries to examine how this airline has managed to stay on top through effectively implementing a dual plan and in the end, highlight the most important challenges that the company faces now and in future. MethodologyThe case study in Singapore is based on researches that have been carried over the past decade. The company’ s strategy and competitiveness have been examined, specifically the competency of this Company that assist in the provision of services through a cost effective way. Apart from that, this study shows in details how the


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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