Essays on Analysis of Quality of Service at the Dorchester Case Study

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The paper 'Analysis of Quality of Service at the Dorchester" is a great example of a management case study. Arguably, when evaluating the quality of service and the overall customer experience in the service industry, hotels are a credible source of information. Consequently, the paper explores the services offered by the Dorchester with the aim of identifying factors that contribute to enhanced customer experience. The Dorchester is one of the hotels managed by the Dorchester Collection, a five-star luxury chain that operates in the United Kingdom, Italy, France, and America (Dorchester Collection, 2017).

Notably, the hotel’ s customer service strategy is worth studying given the several accolades it has received for its outstanding customer service. In 2015, the Dorchester Collection was honored for its customer strategy and customer engagement program by the UK Customer Experience Awards and the Engagement and Loyalty Award respectively (2017). Considering this, the paper evaluates the quality of services, the emotions they elicit, and the hotel’ s overall strategy, which facilitates and maintains this service. This is because previous research has indicated a positive correlation between these factors and customer experience (Wu and Liang, 2009).

For an in-depth analysis of the factors and clarity in the presentation of results, the paper is divided into various sections. The methodology section highlights the various evaluation and research techniques used and the analysis section, in turn, provides an evaluation of observations made during the visit and information provided by secondary sources such as newspapers and journal articles. In addition, the paper suggests recommendations that might bolster the accomplishment of the hotel's objective of creating and maintaining quality customer service. Table 1: Service Concept – The Dorchester, London Organizing Idea A wide range of quality services that epitomize timeless glamour Service Concept (summary) A hotel that provides the very best in food, beverages, spa treatment, accommodation and unparalleled views of Hyde Park and Mayfair Service Experience Spacious, luxurious and elegant rooms Fine dining at the Alain Ducasse three Michelin-star restaurant Signature spa treatments at the Dorchester spa Deepest baths in all of London Finest pastries and teas at the Promenade Room Service Free Wi-Fi Laundry service Service Outcome Benefits -A wide range of services -Excellent views -Luxury Emotions -Contentment -Relaxed -Confident -Respected -Empowered Values -High value for money -Paid parking Methodology Considering the topic, the research utilizes a qualitative research design to collect and analyze qualitative data.

Therefore, the data collected concerns the emotions experienced and perceptions concerning this service during the author's stay at the hotel. Arguably, the reasons for the use of this research design, emotion mapping, Customer Experience Analysis, and service strategy framework are supported by the customers' journey.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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