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Essays on Australian Outback - Analysis of the Services Using the 7 Ps of Service Marketing and Customer Service Component of the Business Assignment

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The paper “ Australian Outback - Analysis of the Services Using the 7 Ps of Service Marketing and Customer Service Component of the Business" is a persuading example of a case study on marketing. In the business world today, there is great emphasis on the quality of service a company or rather any business offers. Before an organization kicks off the process of advertising its services or products, Masterson strongly recommends that an inspection be undertaken and a decision arrived at on what exactly they want to offer. However, when we talk about a service, it conjures up different connotations and is subject to varied interpretations depending on the person who is using the service.

According to an explanation provided by Shilbury (pg. 78-106), the analysis of service can be categorized into four main areas i. e. the quality and service; employee of the product; intangible service; and the product. However, in order to maintain and win customers, a company must exactly know what exactly they are selling and promising to the consumer. As such, preparing and analyzing the class of their services and to a certain extent, the product is crucial. In that regard, this paper aims at showcasing one company, the Australian Outback which is a tourist attraction that is a service and not a goods provider with an aim of conducting a service product analysis on the services they offer, critically analyzing the service company using the 7 Ps of services marketing in terms of Product, price, promotion, place, people, processes, physical evidence. .In addition, this paper shall be analyzing the customer service component of the business.

Based on the analysis, the paper will then provide recommendations on how the service can be improved, paying particular attention to the People component of the 7P’ s and other appropriate literature.

Lastly, the paper will analyze the tourism venture using the same 7Ps of marketing that is evident in marketing and motivating the employees and similarly develop recommendations based on my analysis. The Australian OutbackThe Australian Continent Outback is a major tourist attraction with famous attractions such as the Alice Springs, the Uluru Rock, the Olgas, the MacDonnell Ranges, and the Kings Canyon among others. In addition to being a tourist attraction, however, it is also a service provider, offers services such as expeditions and travel accommodations.

The Uluru and other available attractions are part of the natural sights in the country that are preserved by the company as part of their contribution to the tourist industry. Additionally, other services the company offers are transportation, camping and various travel-related, Moffit, Pg, 56-68. Analysis of Australian Outback using the 7p’ s ProductTo start with, when talking about products in any company, we refer to either the intangible services or goods which a company sells to its customers.

For example, Australian Outback being a tour company will be selling intangible services to its customers. It sells the views and attractions that have been preserved so as to make a profit out of them. The outback has preserved Uluru, Alice Springs not only to conserve the environment but also to attract the tourists who in turn pay for their services. Additionally, they also sell rooms, camping sites, four-wheel drives for transportation purposes, tour expeditions and credits among other intangible products, which in other terms are known as services, Bingham, Pg, 56-68.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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