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Essays on Characteristics of Service Marketing - Intangibility, Perishability, Inseparability, Variability Essay

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The paper “ Characteristics of Service Marketing - Intangibility, Perishability, Inseparability, Variability" is a  spectacular version of term paper on marketing. The revolution in technology and the growth the marketing world has witnessed in every frontier has made the concept of service marketing gain more relevance. Companies who deal in services are looking towards using the extended tools and techniques to ensure that they are able to market the product properly. Marketing has a tool for services have grown from the traditional 4 P’ s of marketing to 7 Ps of marketing.

The growth in 4 P’ s further gets intensified as services have certain qualities which differentiate it from the product. Dealing with humans whose behaviour is irrational further complicates the matter. Before moving on it is important to identify what service marketing actually means. Services MarketingService marketing thereby is a process which is much wider than the marketing of products and includes people, process and physical evidence. (Palmer & Adrian, 2000) It is a process where the marketers’ looks into different aspect related to perishability, heterogeneity, storage and intangibility. Dealing with human, different culture and perspective makes marketers look towards service marketing with a different view to understand human behaviour.

This has seen the growing dependence on organizational behaviour, psychology and other mechanisms to understand service marketing. Service marketing is also defined as a process of marketing which is different from the traditional form of marketing products and focuses on appeal the customer has with the services. For example, while selling computers the shopkeeper uses the concept of service marketing to ensure that the customer is satisfied and purchases the same product again and again.

(Service Marketing, 2011)Characteristics of Services MarketingService marketing demonstrates certain characteristics which are inherent in every service and cannot be separated. The characteristics of services marketing are as follows Intangibility: Services are intangible and cannot be seen. It can be felt by the person consuming it so it gets altered as a different consumer has different preference making human behaviour irrational. Various studies in this direction present a different manner which can promote tangibility to services. (Services, 2011) For example, “ it is seen that a Jain is offered Jain food so that his satisfaction level is high in case of the airline industry” .

(Chawla, 2003) Thereby concentrating on factors which will improve the tangibility of product ensures that service marketing is a more difficult concept than the marketing of products. Another example which ensures that tangibility is provided to an intangible product is lip balm. (Palmer & Adrian, 2000) Lip Balm has managed this problem by taking a step to convert intangibility into tangibility. For this, the Lip Balm Company has looked towards having reminder calls to the customer to find their comfort level in its usage, a time when the product is about to expire, development of new product and addition of new feature, and collecting regular feedbacks and updating about the developments.

(Cook & Dave, 2004) This has given services shape and ensured that customer satisfaction rises. Perishability: Services cannot be stored and has to be consumed immediately. For example, while dining in a hotel the service of the waiter has to be consumed immediately while he is serving food though the food can be stored services can’ t be.

This makes services more complicated and even measures to ensure quality fails sometimes. (Services, 2011)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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