Essays on Services Marketing: Case of Inn Restaurant Case Study

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The paper "Services Marketing: Case of Inn Restaurant" is a great example of a case study on marketing. The service industry is faced with many challenges ranging from competition to quality of services offered. Inn Restaurant is an example of such a business that serves consumers with foods and drinks. Inn Restaurant has been operating for the last ten years and has witnessed an increase in market share. Inn Restaurant has potential fall points, which include servicescape, quality of service and food, and lack of appropriate marketing strategy. To counter these weaknesses, it is important to improve servicescape, improving the quality of services and foods, and also formulating and implementing appropriate marketing strategies. Management of the consumers and demand is important in ensuring that the requirements of the consumers are met.

This can be achieved by implementing an appropriate management model that incorporates all functions of an organization. The demand management should ensure that products and services sold in the Inn Restaurant are frequently updated, follow-up of consumers is championed, and varieties of food and drinks are offered. In addition, Inn Restaurant understands the importance of customer management and it has formulated strategies in terms of managing customer waiting time, reservation strategies, and queuing strategies. Introduction Competition and changing consumer requirements have resulted in the introduction of new and unique strategies making a business successful (Hsu & Powers, 2001).

Within the service industry, service marketing aims in making consumers appreciate what is been offered and the offerings are based on experience (Fisk, Grove & John, 2007). Positive experiences contribute immensely to the service industry compared to negative experiences. Inn Restaurant is an example of business sees the importance of service marketing and it utilizes service marketing in ensuring that the business is successful.

The paper analyses Inn Restaurant from the perspective of service marketing. Overview of the service (Inn Restaurant) The restaurant is an establishment that prepares and serves drinks and food to customers with the aiming of earning an income (Rao, 2011). Many of the restaurants usually offer meals that are eaten within the restaurant. Offerings within a restaurant differ based on the requirements of consumers and the location of the restaurant (Hoffman & Bateson, 2010).

Inn Restaurant is an example of a restaurant that has been operating for the last ten years and has continuously grown the increasing customer base, market share and its perception towards consumers plus competitors (Hsu & Powers, 2001). Potential Fail Points In any business, there are areas where corrections should be introduced to ensure that a business operates efficiently (Lockyer, 2007).  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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