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The paper "James Horton’ s Secrets of Service Marketing" is a good example of a marketing essay. Service marketing involves marketing of services to those who need them and it refers to both businesses to the consumer as well as business to business services. This involves marketing of services such as telecommunication services, hospitality services, financial services, professional services such as accounting and health care services. The performance of a service is often time-based and it brings the desired results to the recipients. Customers usually expect the value to access the services in exchange for money although they do not take possession of the physical elements involved in the provision of the services.

There are seven elements of services marketing which include; product- which is the creation of a service concept that delivers value to the customer and satisfies their needs in a better manner than the competing alternatives. Place involves both electronic and physical channels through which service is delivered such as the ATMs. Promotion involves creating awareness on the benefits of the services to the customer. The process of service delivery is also an important element of service marketing.

The physical environment involves the appearance of the avenue in which the service is offered and has a great impact on the level of satisfaction the customer derives from the service provided. The final element is people who imply the human capital involved in service delivery (Fredrick, 2003). The interaction of the above elements in service marketing determines whether service marketing is successful or not. Successful service marketing also calls for commitment and consistency. This paper aims at analyzing a service marketing journal article by James Horton in a bid to come up with recommendations for successful service marketing in professional firms. In his article, James argues that service marketing in professional firms is an uphill task since service firm's marketing departments lack strategy with their public relation functions being disorganized and always planned depending on the interest of the individual owners of such firms.

Although many people believe that the secret of service firm marketing is a mystery, James believes otherwise. According to him, it takes commitment and consistency for successive service marketing although these are virtues hard to achieve.

To him, this is the reason why many service firms fail to succeed. James identifies some of the barriers to committing to marketing and public relations programs of service marketing firms. Many service firms are partnerships that do not favor marketing and public relations. This is because the firms have many leaders each with their own opinion and no one willing to compromise. As a result, the workers get confused as they labor at cross purposes. The result of this is loss of direction as well as consistency of application and persistence of marketing programs within the firm.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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