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The paper "SWOT and PESTEL Analysis of Qantas Airways " is a great example of a marketing case study.   Qantas Airways which performs in the different sector of the airline industry is looking towards aiming the people who are price-conscious. The company has an aggressive marketing strategy and is looking towards becoming a cost leader and differentiator. To ensure efficiency in operation the company has grown its ties with various retailers and is looking towards marketing themselves aggressively. The SWOT analysis also shows that the company has the scope for growth. The PESTEL analysis helps to provide the way the external factors are supporting the growth of airlines and the areas the company needs to work on.

The company looks to provide different features like no meals for a customer who are price conscious and want cheap tickets, more leg space, removing the middle seats and allowing more baggage for business class. The report also provides the customer aimed at and the market segment that the company looks at. The different direction of marketing also provides the different aspect Qantas Airways need to work on so that they are able to improve their performance. Introduction Qantas Airways is a major carrier in Australia and started operations in the year 1990.

During its period of service, the airlines have grown and covered most destinations in Australia. The major hub for Qantas Airways in Sydney and Melbourne followed by Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Singapore (Qantas Airways, 2011). The airlines have a fleet of over 142 planes and cover around 41 destinations which include 20 domestic and 21 international places. The airline generated a profit of A$253 million in 2011 and with the way, the business has grown and people have moved towards airlines the profits are bound to increase (Qantas Airways, 2011).

The shift in customer towards faster means of transport and the growth in the volume of travellers using air as a medium is bound to make the business for Qantas Airways grow. Objectives The objectives of Qantas Airways are as follows Mission: To provide quality services to the customer so that they are able to identify the spirit of Australia by ensuring proper facilities and services. For this Qantas Airways is looking towards having the best in house staff and equipment so that they are able to deliver quality services that satisfy the customers. Marketing Objectives: To position the airlines in such a way that it acts as a differentiator as well as provides customer value for money.

The company while following this objective looks to ensure that they are able to retain the old customers as well as develop new ones. The company is also looking towards marketing the airlines by adopting different marketing strategy which helps to improve the brand image and ensures that the airlines are able to provide the required services. PESTEL Analysis The PESTEL Analysis helps to understand the manner the external environment has on the airline industry.

This will help to understand the effect on the airline industry and will help to take steps accordingly. The analysis will throw light on the various aspect of external factors which have an influence on the working environment and being able to look towards dealing with it in an effective way will ensure that the different players are able to perform well (Bangs, 2002).

The analysis is as follows


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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