Essays on The Kiwi Experience Tour and Travels Company in New Zealand Case Study

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The paper "The Kiwi Experience Tour and Travels Company in New Zealand" is a good example of a marketing case study. The kiwi experience is a tour and travel company in New Zealand. This company is renowned for taking customers while on board their buses to a number of tours in various destinations within New Zealand. With this company, customers are at liberty to join the tour and come off at their own pleasure; this is done at any destination. This company does not sell to its customers a ticket from a single destination to yet another but instead sells an entire experience.

The experience entails accommodation, visits to a number of destinations, the travel and the driver alongside the company of other customers on travel. This is thus one company that utilizes the concept of customer experience in the marketing of its services. This paper examines the concept of service marketing with regard to the use of customer experience as depicted in the Kiwi experience company. The nature of services with regard to the concept of customer experience Services, unlike goods, are actions that can not be inventoried.

For customers to gain acceptance of a service, there is a need for a company to provide an experience through which customers can gauge the service as either excellent or not worthy. The Kiwi experience is a company that has recognized the fact that travel and tourism is a service whose impact needs to be felt by the potential customer before it can gain acceptance. Services, unlike goods, are thought to be such that can not be touched hence described as intangible (Lovelock 2007).

The purchase of any service unlike the purchase of goods can only be fostered if the action is upheld. Services, unlike goods, exhibit a very high level of experience to be felt by the customer. (Buttle 2008). Experience in this regard refers to the attributes of a particular service that are bound to be felt by the customer on purchasing the service. The kiwi experience services offered on any of the tourism and travel vacations are such that a customer can easily gauge as excellent and at the same time very unique.

Services, unlike goods, are usually inseparable. This implies that services are produced and evidently consumed within the same place of their production. A tour on board of the buses of the Kiwi experience company is such that it is yielded in the process of the travel and experienced at the same time by the potential customer (Lovelock 2007). The intangible nature of services and how the kiwi experience company manages to foster the tangibility of its service provision The intangible nature of the services offered by this company makes it difficult for potential customers to gauge their efficacy unless they experience them.

This is an aspect that pushes the company to offer the most excellent and at the same time unique service provision in the tourism and travel industry. The kiwi experience offers its customers on board of its buses an experience that makes them feel the nature of the service. One would say, the experience offered is such that it makes it possible for the company to tangible the presumed intangible nature of the services provided (Lovelock 2007). This aspect implies that quality is very influential and at the same time very difficult to effectively control.

It also emerges that services, unlike goods, are very heterogeneous. Services are such that they can not be reproduced mechanically to meet the exact specifications and implicated tolerances. The kiwi experience company in an effort to foster an ideal customer experience advocates for the use of the best personnel especially drivers on a number of its tours and travels (Buttle 2008). The company has tried to automate a number of its services in the event of the travel in an effort to limit the number of certain forms of human interaction that may not be ideal for the marketability of the service.

For the case of services that can still not be automated like driving, the company makes use of highly competent personnel in an effort to reduce the emergence of any forms of unacceptable service experience (Covington 2007). The Kiwi experience company acknowledges that services, unlike goods, are highly perishable such that empty space on any of its travel vessels can not be ideally included in the inventory for yet another day.

This aspect has pushed the company in to appropriately matching the implicated demand and the available supply (Lovelock 2007).


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