Essays on Services Offered by Emirates Airline Case Study

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The paper "Services Offered by Emirates Airline" is a good example of a case study on marketing. This report uses Emirate Airline as it expounds more on the service analysis suing the 7Ps to emphasize the same. These 7Ps are positioning, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical environment which surround the air travel service which is provided by this airline. Brief Background Emirates Airline was founded in 1985 by the government of Dubai. It started its flights to Mumbai and Karachi and this has continually expanded tremendously. Today, the industry is considered to be a subsidiary of the Emirates Groups which headquarters are in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

In 2007, it was noted to be the eight largest airlines in the global market in terms of international passengers and fifth in terms of international passenger-kilometers flown. It also operates in the entire wide-body aircraft feel and this happens to be with only five other airlines in the whole world (Knorr & Eisenkopf 2008). Today, this airline is considered the most influential and essential in the airline industry and has continuously gained competitive positions and advantages in the market pace.

Even when there were economic hard times, Emirates defies all this and recorded an increase of 74% profit which is attributed to the fact that leaders have been working hard towards making Dubai a modern hub of tourism (Emirates 2010). This airline started with a fleet of two borrowed aircraft. However, today it operates the world's largest A380 and B777 fleets and has become Boeing’ s and Airbus’ single mort important customer. The success of this company is attributed to the fact that they have taken a nontraditional management approach, other than just relying on industrial conventional wisdom.

It is run like a family with an informal and entrepreneurial spirit (Knorr & Eisenkopf 2008). The company has very many initiatives that are directed towards ensuring that customers are treated like kings. Analysis Description of the main target market Emirates Airline is a major airline which provides all air transport services ranging from cargo, passengers, airmail, courier and fast freight. The main aim of the company is to be the leading service provider targeting people from all walks of life (Emirates 2010).

By this, I mean that they target both local and international passengers who are either in the business or are out for work missions, local business people, international business people who are out to do business and have cargo to be transported and tourists both domestic and international. Their services are well blended with all generations, therefore, they accommodate everybody (Dana 2000). Their services are world-class whereby even though they offer cheap fares, the quality is never compromised. In the recent past, Emirates Airline has targeted families who wish to fly with their children by offering the ‘ Kids Fly Free’ initiative and giving kids lots of goodies in the flight (Knorr & Eisenkopf 2008).  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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