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JUICE PLUS1.0 IntroductionBeverages the world over are taken by people from all walks of life at various functions whether formal or informal. Fruit juice specifically is recommended with every meal due to its nutritious value to the human body. Juice is consumed by the masses in restaurants, cafes, hotels, recreational facilities just to name but a few. Thus, there is a sustainable market for fruit juice. 1.1 New Juice RecipesThere are a number of companies and shops serving different flavors and recipes of juice and to be able to establish a sustainable business and brand, Juice Plus has invested both intellectual and financial resources in creating new and uniques juice formulas. Juice Plus has focused on formulas that are of nutritious value to customers blended from fresh fruits with no additives.

In order to have a wider reach, Juice Plus has developed formulas with different flavors so as to avail a favorite flavor for everyone. 1.2 Juice Plus ShopJuice Plus has set out to operate a Juice Shop that will act as the manufacturing base of the Juice Plus recipes as well as packaging center.

Not only will Juice Plus operate this single outlet but engage existing food courts and restaurants in retailing these wonderful formulas to the wider market. Juice Plus juices will be kept chilled once manufactured and served either chilled or at room temperature. Chilling will be a core part of the manufacturing, storage and preservation of Juice Plus as there will be no artificial preservatives to the formulas. 2.0 Business ModelA business model clearly defines how a business is managed and handled by both debtors and creditors. It may also determine the type of financing that the business may be able to attract as well as its relation with the owners or otherwise shareholders.

There are different types of business entities with most businesses using the sole proprietorship, partnership or company model. 2.1 Sole ProprietorshipThis type of business entity refers to an entity where there is no distinct separation between the owner of the business and the business itself. This type of entity is usually owned by an individual who usually takes all the liability of the business entity. 2.2 PartnershipPartnerships refer to business entities where there exists more than one owner of the business entity and the owners share liability collectively.

Both profits and losses incurred by the business are shared proportionately amongst the partners. Partnerships must always have collective ownership of some way mostly financially as well as participatory. 2.3 CompanyA company is a business entity where a group of people with a common interest come together to achieve a specific goal or a set of objectives. In most cases, the shareholders of a company do not take full liability for the business but this depends on whether the company is limited by shares, limited by guarantee or otherwise.

Companies are usually their own entities which can take liabilities, sue other entities as well as be sued. Choice of the business model is therefore crucial as it may determine the type of funding that the business can receive as well as cushion its owner(s) from liabilities it incurs in its operations. The choice of the model comes into play in many of the operations of the business including registration of the business name, trade name, trademarks, trade secrets and patents amongst others.

Juice Plus will highly consider registration as a Limited Liability Company.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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