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Sex education affiliation Sex education Sex education has become paramount in the modern society. s prefer sexeducation during the early stages of young adults. According to Moskowitz (2001), sex education during early stages prepares a young adult early enough to make wise decisions in matters of sex. Just as any counseling session, sex education strategies and motivational talks differ depending on the audience one is addressing. Gender differences, cultural differences and age differences create the need in change in strategy. In this case, there are two separate groups. The groups are Middle Eastern young adults and Latino young adults.

The two groups have the same gender which is male but they have completely different cultural and religious backgrounds. These two factors will be the center of consideration when counseling the two groups. Due to their religious acquaintances, Middle Eastern adolescents may find it disturbing to discuss sex matters or have sex education. When approaching this group one should be cautious of this and consider being less indulging on issues of sexuality. One should also consider referring to their Holy Book in regards to sexuality.

When addressing the Latino adolescents the scenario changes. According to Moskowitz (2001), sex education is taken serious and offensive in the Latin America community. Additionally, the populations’ young adults are exposed to sexuality at a very early age compared to the Middle Eastern group. For this reason, one should be very indulging and more serious on the issues of sex education without the fear of being offensive. Generally, Latino adolescents provide the best audience since they have so much information and sensitivity on the issues on sexuality.

However, for a counselor Middle Eastern adolescents also have the need to have sex education and one should be sensitive to their religious and cultural acquaintances when addressing the issue. ReferencesMoskowitz, G. (2001). Cognitive social psychology: the Princeton Symposium on the Legacy and Future of Social Cognition. London: Routledge.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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