Essays on Sexual Harrasment Case Study

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Draft Sexual Harassment in Global Human Resource Management Sexual harassment is a very common behavior among people despite it being legally and morally wrong. It is defined as bullying whereby by favors are offered in exchange for sexual favors. Sexual harassment takes two forms since it can be both verbal and physical. Sexual harassment is mostly witnessed in work places in situations where individuals are threatened of being fired or demoted if they do not offer sexual favor to their seniors. It can also be in the form of being offered a job after unwillingly offering sexual pleasures to someone.

Sexual harassment is mostly viewed as from the males but research has proved otherwise. Men are also sexually harassed by women In US, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) describes sexual harassment as any activities that limit an employee from performance because of rejecting other employee’s offers. It could take forms such as unwanted jokes, sexual gestures and touching without consent. Suggestive pictures and unwanted flirting that may lead to discomfort is also a form of sexual harassment. The research on sexual harassment will seek to address the different forms it takes and discuss on the effects it has to the human resources.

It has become an issue of concern among the employees in different companies. Human resource officers are mostly involved in sexual harassment as any complains among the employees are directed to them. When one employee complains to the human resource officer and he/she demands a sexual favor in order to take action, immediate investigation should be carried out. All employees should understand that they have the right of protection against sexual harassment from their seniors be it the supervisors or the human resources above them.

The junior employees are the major victims since they negotiation power is below. However, they should understand that the law considers all the employees as equal and any form of sexual harassment can be charged at a court of law despite the rank in employment. Jobless individuals seeking jobs are also victims of this form of harrassement. with the current high levels of unemployment, many citizens find themselves bowing down to sexual harassment in order to find themselves jobs to cater for their daily needs.

This act is unlawful and against the principles set out in the (EEOC). Most of such cases do unmentioned due to the love for a job but people are encouraged to report such opportunistic individuals to create a friendly environment in the job market. Individual that finds jobs after sexual favors are consequently subjected to situations where they will need to offer the favors to maintain their jobs. Such situations make the life of the victim very hard and may end up not performing perfectly in their careers. Every employee should react appropriately to ensure that cases of sexual harassment become extinct. Sexual harassments are related to theories of women subordination to men that came into place in the United States in the early 1970s.

They associated it violence to women that makes them a weaker gender as compared to men.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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