Essays on The Nature of Ticketing Service and Management of Ticketing Operations at Etihad Stadium, Melbourne Assignment

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The paper "The Nature of Ticketing Service and Management of Ticketing Operations at Etihad Stadium, Melbourne" is an impressive example of a Management assignment.   Etihad Stadium, Melbourne is a notable multi-purpose venue in Australia and has a capacity of 53,359 seats. The stadium hosts various sporting events and such as cricket, rugby, and football, it also hosts various entertainment events, private and public functions.   Supporters and fans of these sporting events and individuals who want to attend events and functions at this stadium need to book tickets prior to the day of the event.

Ticket sales revenue contributes a significant percentage of the stadium’ s total revenue therefore ticketing operations is a key operational activity for the stadium. The stadium ticketing operations department has implemented a ticketing system where tickets can be purchased through its Ticketmaster network, venue ticketing offices, and other authorized outlets. This ticketing system is characterized by the general admission price freeze on those tickets for the fully-reserved seat matches. The underlying ticketing system is considered by the stadium management to being fan-friendly and it has the incentive of offering children free admission on Sundays.

There is an operational customer support desk at the venue which handles matters concerning the ticketing process and other inquiries regarding ticketing operations of the stadium. This system consists of special ticketing for persons and individuals with disabilities. Tickets falling under this category have their own specifications that suit the customer needs of the disabled. In the stadium, there is special space that is specifically designed for the disabled. Ticketmaster networks have both manual and online ticketing system. It is noted that a significant population of the individuals attending this stadium prefer online ticket booking because of its efficiency effectiveness and faster in undertaking ticket booking.

Since the introduction of the online system Etihad stadium, Melbourne has seen its ticket sales revenue increase significantly. Etihad Stadium, Melbourne ticketing system has provisions of various match categories where the fans and supporters can choose from, it has the provision that shows the stadium seating maps. In regard to the pricing of the tickets, it is notable that the stadium ticketing operations management has taken into consideration all the demographics categories of the fan population.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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