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The paper "The E-Ticketing System" is a decent example of a Management assignment.   The smart combination of individual brilliance and company management is one of the best ways of improving the mobility of urban society. The invention of e-ticketing offers a whole new smart solution to make access and the most efficient way of converging different means of transportation.   However, the e-ticketing technology faces a number of challenges in the Etihad operations, as a result of the administrative faults. Introduction                         The e-tickets were implemented as an ideal alternative to members who did not wish to receive the seasonal ticket book.

Powell (15-37) sees this as a bold decision by the management to find a proper way of allowing members to manage their tickets online without having to travel all the time to the stadium offices to be issued with the books. The e-tickets also ensured that there was an open vent for fans based abroad to participate in the events occurring in Etihad. It was a strategic way of expanding the fan base of the home teams for both soccer and cricket games, as well as the social events that take place in the stadium premises.     Problem expectations                       The accounting department of the stadium was tasked with the sole duty of managing the ticketing issues in the stadium.

The manager allows the customers to print the applicable sporting events on a game to the game basis which then they can gain access to the stadium premise. The tickets can be printed personally by the client or forwarded via e-mail to the staff or client upon request and purchase. The shortcoming of the e-ticketing is fraud cases.

The cyber-crime issues arising from technological shortcomings have been a real case of concern Lawler, Albers, and Gerald, n.p). It has been reported in the past that there is a real possibility of imposters walking into the stadiums with fraudulently acquired tickets. These shortcomings can, however, be limited by proper management strategies. Management plan to resolve problems                       The acquisition of the e-tickets has been made much easier by the creation of the website where members can log in to create an account. The online manger is able to keep the records of who sent the tickets and to whom specifically.

The management strategy also shows when the tickets were printed and the scheduled date of use.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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