Essays on SGA 1249 Assessment Task 3 - Case Study Assignment

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IntroductionChange management is an integral part of every business process. Every business needs to keep abreast with the changes which are seen in the case where the business has to encounter these changes to get new contract. This report thereby looks into the changes from different perspective by concentrating on the cost benefit analysis, the barriers to change, the action plan, the communication and the evaluation plan. This will thus help the business to secure a new client and will help the business to grow and compete with the fast growing competitors.

Purpose of the reportTo identify the need for change for the companyTo conduct a SWOT analysis which highlights the reason for changeTo identify the resistance to change and the cost benefit analysis associated with itTo develop a management change plan, communication plan and evaluation plan which will help to determine the objective and achieve the new projectNeed for changeThe case highlights that the organization needs to change by implementing a new IT solution (SAS) so that the company is able to secure a contract of $1 million.

The need for change is based on the following evidenceFirstly, the effect of global crisis has been severe as it has reduced the consumer confidence which is reflected in depleting sales by 50%. This is having a an overall bearing on the profits and is hampering the company. Secondly, the competitors have been able to increase their market share through price reduction mechanism which has hampered the growth and eroded some profit. This is making the company look towards improving the process so that it is able to regain the lost ground. Thirdly, the company is about to receive a new contract for $ 1 million if it upgrades its technology.

The contract has a clause which makes it mandatory to upgrade to the changes so that execution is proper. Lastly, the technology used is becoming obsolete so the company might lose vital customers in the next 2 – 3 years if it doesn’t change. This is making the organization to think in line for a change. SWOT AnalysisThe SWOT analysis for the organization helps to identify areas which the company needs to work upon so that their performance improves and the organization is able to get more orders.

The SWOT analysis isStrengthThe organization has a good brand image which is depicted from the fact that a new order of $1 million has been provided showing that the company has a good name. The organization has a pool of staff who have a long association with the company and recognizes themselves with the organizationThe willingness of the employees and acceptability to change will help to implement the changes easilyWeaknessThe organization faces threats from the competitors who are following the policy of price war and reducing prices continuously is luring customers away from the organizationThe system in place to carry the daily work is old and out dated creating problems to secure new ordersThe organization has not been able to offer products which enhance value of the customer which has resulted in depleting profits and sales

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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