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The paper 'Shanghai Disneyland Roller Coaster" is an outstanding example of a business case study. The excess waiting time in any leisure or entertainment zone is normally a pressing issue among customers. Any business keen about the welfare of its customers will always consider customer waiting time as an important issue that needs attention in a business operation. Shanghai Disneyland Resort is one of the modern businesses in the entertainment and hospitality industry that needs to consider the issue of customer waiting time in its business operations. Since the grand opening of Shanghai Disneyland Resort last summer, the owners have publicly revealed that the response from their guests to the attractions and entertainment sectors has been overwhelming.

However, the cue time has been excessively long and most of the customers have started lamenting this issue, which seems to be a growing trend of late. This project is meant to bring a solution to the existing queuing time problem at the Shanghai Disneyland Roller Coaster. 18 Reference: 20 1. Executive Summary The project proposal is prepared for Shanghai Disneyland Roller Coaster and has it acts as the first step for the success of the roller coaster project.

The main objective of the project is to build an amusement park for the ShangHai government and increase the economy of the government by attracting more number of foreign visitors. The project can help the government to improve the local economy and increase the standard of living of the local community. The project plan is developed after a market analysis on its major competitors and the requirement of the user and. The background of the project is analyzed for finding the requirement and propose the appropriate ride that can be implemented in the fairground for taking the park in the leading market position.

The stakeholders involved in the project is also analyzed for analyzing the requirement and find the cost and the time that would be allocated for the development of the project. The budget allocated for the project development is 22.4 billion and it is required to be completed within this allocated budget. The different risk associated with the development of the project is also analyzed for finding the potential impact of the risk for the development of the project.

The safety issues of the roller coaster program are analyzed and they are mitigated with the creation of a risk management plan. Also, visitors can use their electron equipment (smartphone) application booking their amusement facilities 2. Background The project is developed for Shang Hai and the main aim of the project is to develop an amusement park for the ShangHai government. The park should have a ride and entertainment for all age groups and it should attract local and foreign visitors.

The Project is developed at a share of 54% for the ShangHai government and 43% for Walt Disney. The local economy is required to be improved with the development of the project. The main attraction of the park is the rollercoaster and it should be unique to attract visitors from a foreign country. The proposed budget for the development of the project is 22.4 billion and the cost of the project is required to be recovered within the tenure of 10 years. The resources required for the successful development of the project is required to be analyzed and a project schedule is required to be prepared by involving the stakeholders associated with the project.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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