Essays on Shitty First Drafts by Lamott Book Report/Review

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The paper "Shitty First Drafts by Lamott " is a wonderful example of a book review on literature.   I believe Lamott chose the “ Shitty First Drafts” for her chapter as a short of what first drafts generally look like. Essentially, it is her way of encouraging writers and potential writers not to worry so much about what they write in their first drafts. Instead, they should focus on writing everything and anything that comes to their mind for the first draft knowing that the shit can be removed and a more refined piece produced.

Her essay is quite effective as it gives confidence to even novices not to give up trying to write the first draft. I relate well with everything that Lamott states. ... its never easy writing even a rough draft. It takes courage to write the shitty first draft which I always hope no one sees. Lamott describes a lot of things sincerely and incorporates humor in her essay which encourages her audience to read on. Lamott, Ueland’ s and Stafford take note of the importance of the shitty first draft out of which brilliant ideas come.

While all the authors have important points, I find Lamott’ s ideas most appealing given that she articulates my situation when faced with a writing task and provides a sincere straight forward way of dealing with the problem. ..writing a shitty first draft.   Response to the Student’ s Post I find the student’ s post quite agreeable given that I also find Lamott’ s ideas to be brilliant, sincere and filled with humor. The student is quite frank when he/she states that she struggles with her writing. This is beyond question especially now that even an experienced writer of the caliber of Lamott admits to finding it difficult starting to write.

In as much as the student believes that experienced, best-selling writers do not find it rough coming up with a rough draft, I believe this is not true. Many people I have talked to tend to say they often take a lot of time thinking about what to write for their first page, paragraph, and even sentence.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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