Essays on Shoppers' Conduct towards Cereal and Snack Products of Kelloggs in Australia Research Proposal

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The paper “ Shoppers’ Conduct towards Cereal and Snack Products of Kellogg’ s in Australia” is a thrilling example of a research proposal on marketing. The following paper is about a research report commissioned by Kellogg. The report indicates what type of research is needed, whether qualitative or quantitative. The method used to collect data, participants in the research, the sample size, and the method used in the selection. It also shows how the recommended research method and/or sample size would change if in case there was a present research finding. Executive summaryThe research proposal purposes to investigate the measure of shoppers’ attitudes and behavior towards cereal and snack products of Kellogg’ s in Australia.

Kellogg commissioned this brief research. Although past researches have been investigated in this field, there have been no clear results that have been provided to show exactly how customers feel about the product. The mode of data collection method will be the use of interviews, case studies and focus groups from a sample size of 500 people who are chosen randomly among the shoppers who come to the retail and wholesale shops where the products are supplied.

The proposal also addresses ways of meeting the ethical requirements of study such as privacy and informed consent of the respondents. This proposal thus seeks to provide additional knowledge about the attitudes and behavior of shoppers towards Kellogg’ s products. Through the research, the cereal and snack making organizations will be able to make relevant decisions according to their products regarding consumer tastes and preferences (Grix, 2004, p. 74). The research findings are presented to the board of directors of the organization. Introduction Aims and objectivesThe key inquiry of the research project is what are the shoppers’ attitudes and behavior towards Kellogg’ s cereal and snack products in Australia.

The main aim of this research is to collect primary data from the field and analyze it. These aides in concluding whether Kellogg’ s cereal and snack products are favorable and enjoyed among Australian shoppers. The main objective is to make a valid conclusion informed by credible research through the use of an appropriate research method. Specific objective- To investigate shopper’ s attitudes and behaviors. - To analyze the popularity, of Kellogg’ s cereal and snack products. - Find if the quality of Kellogg’ s cereal and snack products match consumers' expectations. Literature reviewIn today’ s society, most customers have changed their tastes and preferences regarding the products.

Increased competition in the market has forced many industries or organizations to undertake marketing research. So as, to obtain information in which they will use to make well-informed decisions, to maximize efficiency in productions, and to minimize the risks that come along while producing products. Kellogg’ s Company has embarked on producing quality products by monitoring and controlling its production processes.

Feedback is also extremely crucial to them as it is here that they know whether they are still on track or not (Kellogg's Australia and New Zealand - Home). The company advocates for marketing research regularly to obtain new information about the market. It is this reason that led to the commission of the research. Other scholars say that market research allows individuals such as governments, customers, suppliers, and companies to voice their issues and be heard (Burns and Ronald, 2000).  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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