Essays on The Crisis Management Centre for Managing the Aircraft Emergency Event Assignment

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The paper "The Crisis Management Centre for Managing the Aircraft Emergency Event " is a perfect example of a management assignment. An international airline while looking to draw an Emergency Response Plan needs to consult different managers and external stakeholders so that a proper plan which looks at developing a contingency plan can be ensured. Some of the managers and external stakeholders who should form part of the emergency response plan are the flight crew which includes trainer and examiner; the air traffic controller responsible for controlling airlines; the managers entrusted with the role of airline flight operations and ground operations; managers at all levels who are associated with the development of a disaster contingency plan; consultants having knowledge and experience in the field of aviation-related contingency and consultants who are related to aviation business.

In addition to the different managers, the external stakeholders like a supplier of contingency equipment, firefighters, disaster management team and other skilled and knowledgeable personnel need to form part of the emergency response plan. The prime reason for having so many people at different positions is that the emergency response plan to be executed properly will require the coordination of different managers and personnel at different levels.

This makes it imperative that while drawing an emergency response plan all concerned people are included so that they have the required knowledge regarding the information and can act in a determined manner. This will facilitate the process of carrying out operations and having experienced and knowledgeable personnel will ensure that people's different skills and experience of the person will be sued while dealing with the contingency plan. This will help to maximize the chances of recovery and having all people involved which included the internal and external stakeholders will maximize the chances of dealing with the different issues in relation to the emergency response plans in the most effective and beneficial manner. 2.

The crisis management centre for managing the aircraft emergency event will require different people to come together so that different roles can be carried out in the best manner. It will require different personnel to carry out the different roles which are as described below.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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