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Etymology of hospitalityHospitality emerged from similar hypothetical Indo European root, ghosti meaning, guest, or stranger meaning someone with whom an individual has reciprocal tasks of hospitality. The word ghosti also cam form Latin root hostis meaning army, or enemy and where the Latin root hostia meaning host, or sacrifice originated. Ancient tourists were treated with fear and suspicion because they have different cultural beliefs and values from those held by the hosts. The hosts felt that their beliefs and values could be undermined. They also felt that the guests needed special treatments which the hosts found hard to fulfill.

Question 3Hospitality and sexual activityHotels around the globe execute a wide range of functions, mainly the provision of beverage, accommodation, and food but they also engage a special position in romance, adventure, and sex. Sex spaces have been closely connected with hospitality industry since the emergence of hospitality. Hospitable sex places or brothels are one of ancient segments in the commercial hospitality industry. According to (Go), 1990, in the contemporary society, sexual activity is usually perceived in a cautious and fairly sordid context.

Several hotel managers get themselves using time in either identifying or expelling prostitutes or, in other instances, getting them for guests. This act is indicates the borders of liberalism whereby hotel managers allow the inescapability of prostitution while treating them with bad disguise contempt. However there is an important and greatly expanding hotel segment that offers a formalized, commercial framework for sexual activity in an atmosphere that tries to maximize the function of a hotel as a liminal space. Kevin (2005) argues that liminal spaces offer moments of space, freedom and flee from the everyday drudge of social responsibilities and functions as borderlands amid the known and the unknown, the extraordinary, and the ordinary where desire and dream go hand in hand with anxiety, danger, and risk.

While hotels are subject to regulations and laws that direct the livings of consumers, they are also sites of vagueness where guests can vanish and where social standards can be flouted and challenged. Sexual activity with hotels is thrilling and usually accompanied by a sense of risk and for this reason, hotels engage this function and why love hotels engage a special position in the spectrum of modern hospitality products.

Taiwanese have developed over time since its foundation and a wide range of locations and services it provides for its reflective of the expanding liberal outlook towards sexual engagement in the nation. In Taiwan love hotels offer a place for prostitution and also sexually related activities. Compensated dating is a common practice whereby male guests give luxury gifts or money to attractive females in exchange for companionship and probably sexual favors.

The development of motels resulted from an upgrading in physical environment, embracing the initiation of a variety of in-room sexual facilities and foreign decorations. This multi-functionality of contemporary motels attracts both travelers and consumers who merely need to relax. The expansion in the popularity of sex motels in Taiwan is due to liberalisation of sexual attitudes among the general population. Individuals no longer consider the need of being embarrassed or secretive about sexual activity and movies and TV programmes engage more sexual content. As the traditionally conservative outlooks towards sex has transformed, individuals have started to talk about sex issues more openly and it has turned out as a regular and almost recreational activity.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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