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IntroductionThe need for every organization to have the best hands that would make it achieved its set objectives and long term goals is very much germane in contemporary times, where there is keen competition across industries due to a globalize market that is easily accessible from any part of the world. Human resource is the most vital among all resources that an organisation possesses. Thus, it development would make workers more competence to efficiently meet set objectives. According to Farrazzi & Gatti (2007), “…developing deep, genuine relationships- both internally among co-workers …is one of the most important skills need for performance in workplace”.

Thus, Human Resource Development (HRD) is a vital process used in contemporary times to make an organization Human resource inapt and adequately equipped to face the challenges of the time. According to Wilson (1999:27), “An alignment between strategy and training and development is now commonly regarded as a good business sense in all corners of the globe”. This is more adduced to the limited resources and finance to aid an organization in the attainment of its goal.

Thus, HR development will go a long way in the organization to attain effectively set goals in the most efficient way. Three levels of strategic decision making have been for an organisation to be successful. This includes the corporate-level, business-level/competitive, and functional strategic level. An organisational corporate – level strategy identifies the portfolio of businesses that in total will comprise the organisation and the several businesses, and the ways in which these businesses will relate to each other. Human resource development strategy adopted by an organization would go a long way in determining how these strategic decisions are well implemented, and the attainment of the right results for the development of the organization. The Developmental Needs Of LightCo Company The LightCo organisation practices a HRD that wants to keep a competence workforce that would efficiently match its priorities and set objectives, at the same time development a flexible workforce that is well developed.

The other part of LightCo’s HRD structure is that while the old structure that seek to maintain already made workforce that is experience, thereby saving cost for on-the-scratch training for green workers who are still not experience, its new policy seek to introduce new horns, workers that are without experience still fresh in order to maintain a longer service in the organisation.

The foregoing shows that the company is not focus and really chosen a path to follow in terms of its human resource development needs. For its desire to safe cost its prefers to recruit already made executives, where less cost on training will be minimal, still seek to maintain a long career service from young and inexperience workers. Hence, LightCo organisation should either choose to enjoy the benefits and advantages associated with recruiting young and inexperienced workers who will develop their career in LightCo and stay longer, or the company can choose to continue with its old practice of recruiting staffers can have garnered many years of experience, so that the cost of developing their career would be minimal.

In essence, what am expressing here is that LightCo human resource development lacks focus and it does not have a permanent and stable policy for workers training and development.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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