Essays on Shortage of Qualified Staff in Aviation Industry in the Region and the UAE Case Study

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The paper 'Shortage of Qualified Staff in Aviation Industry in the Region and the UAE" is a good example of a management case study. The regular movement of staff from one organization to another has just aggravated the problem of trained staff shortage in the Middle East’ s travel & tourism industry. “ Globally, the call of qualified staff in the aviation industry is much higher as the academic sectors internationally failed to supply adequate quantity of manpower up to the requirements of the aviation sector, which is arousing a challenge for the aviation sector to recruit qualified staff” commented John Kotowski, M.D.

PATASIC (Pacific Asia travel association strategic intelligence center). “ The aviation industry needs to attract young employees by setting up noticeable career paths; also there is an urgent need to introduce efficient training system as well as attractive salaries which will help in boosting the employee’ s loyalty towards its employer, To cope with the requisites of middle east’ s human resource the aviation sector has to act acutely in developing primary, secondary and tertiary education amenities to train sufficient staff members required, without waiting for governments aids” added by John Koldowski.   On this occasion, Koldowski warned that the shortage of Front-line service will affect the results at the bottom line.

As per a survey in the next 10 years, the aviation sector will generate approximately an impressive figure of 1.5 million job vacancies which can be higher if all the existing developments are completed as per schedule. 2. Aviation Sector Background All of the elements are in place for continued strong growth of the commercial aviation sector in the Middle East. In half-year, while the air passenger traffic globally was seeing an average growth of 6.7% only the Middle East Aviation sector was maintaining a handsome rate of 17.6%.

in preposition to the smaller portion shared by the Middle East in the Aviation market worldwide the increased passenger traffic demand will support the areas currently operating airlines and will encourage new ones to operate from the Middle East. Post 9/11 happening in the US, the whole aviation industry was shaken up and there initiated a period of a downturn for the industry when many major operators in aviation wrote in red.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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