Essays on Consequences of Globalisation of Business Literature review

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The paper “ Consequences of Globalisation of Business” is a brilliant variant of the literature review on business. The marketplace, society, economy, and technology are transforming at an unprecedented pace and account for the transformation in the business world. The argument that the beginning of the new century has ushered in the globalization of business serves to contextualize the argument. On the one hand, globalization means that the environment which needs to be evaluated for strategic business decision processes is continuously transforming and expanding. On the other hand, the changes since the beginning of the new century when assessed in terms of business means that there have been changes with regard to international technologies and collaboration that need to be assessed closely since they affect domestic markets and ways in which business activities are currently undertaken.

It is from this premise that the argument that the globalization of business has had a beneficial effect upon the world remains multifaceted. Different scholars have argued that due to the global business environment, managers and organizations are finding themselves in a dilemma as they need to balance the needs, themes, and structures of more challenges and opportunities posed by the globalized business environment; both domestic and international enterprises (VanSandt and Sud 2012; Scholte 2015).

This study, therefore, evaluates the argument that the globalization of business has had a beneficial effect on the world. It borrows from different frameworks and different examples to pose a ground that best informs the position of the argument. One of the best approaches to understanding how globalization has benefited business operations is the argument postulated by Condon (2007) when argued about the Transfer and Institutionalisation of Corporate Governance Practices.

Firstly, the researcher considered the processes of transfer as well as the institutionalization of different organizations, particularly, a corporate governance practices that evaluated the Asia-Pacific subsidiaries as well as joint ventures of United Kingdom-based multinational enterprises (MNEs).


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