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The paper "Situation Analysis of Jane’ s Tattoo Company " is a good example of a marketing case study.   The movement from Bondi to Canberra might scare away tattoo clients and therefore there is a need for the development of a marketing plan. The marketing plan will enable Jane Pinch to capture potential clients and build a good reputation for the company as well as the provision of the best tattoo services. Capitalizing on the huge number of people and the amount of cash spent annually for tattoos, the company will attract a sizable fraction of the population in the region.

The challenge is on the creation of a robust and commanding first-mover advantage in the industry in this region. The plan emphasizes practices that are relevant in the extension of the tattooing standards. The marketing strategies plan is enhanced television adverts, fashion runaway, talented artists and chain of stores. Introduction The entry of Jane’ s Tattoo Company into the market provides expertise with the opportunity to utilize the intellectual and industrious know-how in taking the industry into another level. The industry overview, market analysis, customer analysis and the competitor’ s analysis in the company are illustrated.

In addition, there is a proper analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis from the external environment influencing the profitability and functionality of the company are illustrated. Market segmentation analysis and the strategies of the entry to the market involves the consideration of the market size, purchasing power and the potential market available and future prospective of expansion. Company overview Jane Pinch Tattoo Company is owned by Jane, an artist committed to ensuring the best quality of tattoo to the population.

The company is situated in Canberra in Australia southeast coast surrounded by relevant landmarks such Australian War Museum, parliament, National gallery and lakeshore. Jane is a renowned tattoo artist ad with the help of other experts in the industry will build a reputable company. The company enjoys the service of thirty artists in various departments and knowledgeable in various areas. The company aims at achieving 10% and recording 5% profit increase after three years. The security of the right of ownership and valid licensing from the government and the improvising of the locally available material will assist in a product of cheap and affordable products and services.

The strategy will help in providing what the clients need and value addition to achieve a competitive edge. Industry overview Types of products include custom tattoos, tattoo fonts, tattoo designs, tattoo translators, piercing and make-up for the people from all walks in life. The target clients are the people different age brackets depending on the need of the client. The tattoos will include the permanent inked on the skin as well as temporary and informed advice for clients to avoid regrets in future.

The location of the company exposes it to a variety of potential clients a good indicator of company growth. Business Environment Political Environment Through the legal advisory task force, the company identified the importance of remitting the taxies to the authority in order to have a smooth running in the marketing of the tattoo, services and products. This is with compliance with the legal and political issues that influence the performance and existence of the venture. The company has secured registered copyright that protects the products from duplication and exploitation from other firms willing to enter into the venture.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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