Essays on Situation Analysis and Marketing Objectives of Green Pizza Restaurant in Riyadh Case Study

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The paper "Situation Analysis and Marketing Objectives of Green Pizza Restaurant in Riyadh " is a good example of a marketing case study.   This is the situational analysis for Green Pizza restaurant, which helps to demonstrate the internal analysis including the 4P’ s of marketing, the external analysis, SWOT, marketing strategies and implementation plan. This will help to identify the areas where the restaurant can work upon and based on it the marketing strategy for the restaurant can be worked upon. Purpose of the report To identify the internal analysis which will help to look into the marketing strategies adopted by Green Pizza restaurant To identify the effects of the external environment on the working of Green Pizza restaurant To identify the marketing strategies and implementation plan describing the schedule To arrive at a SWOT analysis highlighting areas which will help the restaurant to grow their business Internal Environment Analysis The internal environment analysis helps to identify the internal strengths and areas where the restaurant is working upon.

Working upon those areas will help to ensure better delivery of services and satisfaction of customer desires. Background of Green Pizza Green Pizza Restaurant is Located in Suly, Eastern Riyadh.

The surround areas have shops and eating centres. Green Pizza has an advantage because of the variety in the pizza makes it a favourable destination among many. Mission Statement Green Pizza mission is to provide delicious cuisine food to the customers. They are working towards ensuring quality food and services. Growth Strategy Green Pizza restaurant has devised a growth strategy where they try to attract new customers at the same time retain the old ones by providing various schemes and incentives to the regular visitor. Past Performance Green Pizza has been performing well through a single establishment where they serve around 170 customers each day.

The present performance looks strong and the restaurant is looking towards improving business in the future. Unique Selling Proposition Green Pizza has a unique value proposition for their pizza as they ensure that the pizza light with little oil. At the same time, special care has been taken to maintain freshness in the product. External Environment Analysis Analyzing the external factors and their effect on the restaurant industry will help to understand the opportunities the market presents.

The PEST analysis for the same has been provided in the following chart (PEST, 2010) Political Economic Government rules supporting development and growth Growth in the oil industry increasing purchasing power Change in government policies Increasing consumer confidence in the market Increase taxation rates Easy rules related to entry and exit in the market Changing future laws       Social Technological Increase in population size Rise in capital expenditure due to changing technology Waiters educated and concerned about the area they have to serve Rapidly changing research and development growth Concerns about obesity Free Wi-Fi services available Rise of health-conscious people Increase maintenance cost The trend analysis thus presents how the external factors will affect Green Pizza Restaurant and other restaurants and companies need to craft strategies to counter those. Competitor Analysis Green Pizza faces competition from many quarters.

There are many restaurants that are in a similar line of business thereby exerting extra pressure on the brand. Green Pizza faces strong from four restaurants whose customers are people from higher-income bracket whereas Green Pizza looks towards all segments of the customers thereby enabling them to cater to a wide market. SWOT Analysis The SWOT analysis of Green Pizza Restaurant will help to identify the areas where the company can work and strengthen itself into a better player. Strengths Satisfies customer needs of hunger which is a basic need A large market and increasing customer base due to population growth Variety of cuisine suiting all customer needs Growth in people-orientation towards pizza.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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