Essays on Gloria Jeans in Australia Situation Analysis and Marketing Objectives Case Study

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The paper "Gloria Jeans in Australia Situation Analysis and Marketing Objectives " is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. The paper presents a situational analysis of Gloria Jeans which will help to identify the marketing strategy followed by the company. To understand the internal analysis attention has been paid to the internal environment, products, customers, external environment and SWOT analysis so that a picture of the marketing requirements can be formulated. Purpose of the Report To identify the internal analysis which will help to look into the marketing strategies adopted by Gloria Jeans To identify the effects of the external environment on the working of Gloria Jeans To identify the customer and competitors which will help to identify the areas to be worked upon To arrive at a SWOT analysis highlighting areas which will help the restaurant to grow their business Internal Environment Analysis The analysis of the internal environment will help to understand the core strengths of the company.

This will thereby present the direction that Gloria Jeans needs to take in the future so that the reputation and goodwill of the enterprise improve. Background of Gloria Jeans Gloria Jeans is a coffee giant and has its establishment in over 39 countries (Gloria Jeans, 2011).

The coffee giant has over 1000 outlets and has grown from a small coffee shop to an international establishment. The coffee chain has an advantage of taste over others which has made it widely renowned. Mission Statement Gloria Jeans mission is to ensure quality, superiority and service over another coffee chain by providing the most varied and delightful coffee. The coffee giant looks towards service as their major constituent and looks to distinguish themselves based on it (Gloria Jeans, 2011) Brand Detail Gloria Jeans has over 1000 establishment and provides coffee to people of all ages at the comfort of the restaurant.

The coffee giant has ensured to modernize their coffee chain so that the customers can avail the best facilities and prefer it over others. Product Line Gloria Jeans deals in coffee. The coffee giant provides different types of coffee i. e. both cold and hot depending on the taste of the consumer. The coffee giant has also ensured that both the hot and cold coffee have different variants thereby providing the customers with a lot of time to choose from (Gloria Jeans, 2011) 7 P’ s of Marketing Understanding the 7P; s of marketing in the service industry will help to understand the manner Gloria Jeans has been able to use and develop its chains and areas which they need to work upon. Product Service plays an important role in every industry and the magnitude of importance increases in the case of the coffee industry as it is totally service-oriented.

Service depends on social-cultural factors which have an effect on the number of people visiting the coffee chain (Justin, 2008).

Gloria Jeans has been able to differentiate them by offering quality service. Also having a different variant of coffee in their portfolio has enabled them to offer better quality and have a pool of customers who are regular visitors and are able to grow. Price The coffee chain in the beverage industry offers multiple prices based on the service standard in the country. The coffee chain provides different pricing mechanism which helps to tap customers belonging to different living standard (Justin, 2008). Gloria Jeans has been able to offer different pricing mechanism based on customer requirements.

The pricing mechanism has been based on different sizes thereby enabling them to create a halo effect around product thereby differentiating it from the competitors based on pricing and service (Lance, Katrin & Chiranjeev, 1995)


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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