Essays on Situation Analysis and Marketing Objectives for Toyota Aurion Case Study

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The paper "Situation Analysis and Marketing Objectives for Toyota Aurion" is a great example of a case study on marketing. Toyota Aurion is the first car to be designed and manufactured in Australia by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC). Other brands manufactured by TMC in Australia were designed in either Japan or the US and customized for the Australian consumers. The Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore have been identified as the main competitors to the Toyota Aurion sedan. The key strengths of the Toyota Aurion include its lower retail price, economic fuel consumption, enhanced safety and comfort features, and its good environment rating.

The car’ s weaknesses are mainly associated with it being a forward wheel drive vehicle. Opportunities for the Toyota Aurion include expanded sales in export markets especially due to its economical consumption of fuel. Likely threats to the car, however, include the development of more sophisticated vehicles by competitors, which would reduce its market share. The marketing objective for Toyota Australia in regard to the Aurion model will be planned in a manner that will enable the company to meet its objective of selling 75,000 Toyota models in and outside Australia.

To attain this target, marketing will target one-time buyers who are not loyal to any of the traditional big-six family cars sold in the Australian market. Marketing will also target solution seekers who search for cars that will give them the best deal in terms of price, affordable maintenance costs, and style. INTRODUCTION Toyota Aurion was initially released in the Australian market in 2006. The car model went down in history as Toyota Australia’ s first car to be designed and assembled in the country.

Since the car designers understood the Australian market well, they believed that they were better placed to give Australians a car that matched their needs and preferences better than foreign car designers would. Before its launch, Toyota Australia publicized the car by releasing data, photos and tidbit information about the locally built sedan (Motoring Channel, 2006). With the term ‘ Aurion’ loosely translated as ‘ the dawn’ in Latin and ‘ tomorrow’ in Greek, a popular pre-launch advertising campaign used the catchy phrase “ Can’ t wait for tomorrow” to imply that the car would mark a fresh start for Australian motorists (Moldova Foundation, 2006).

By such marketing tactics, the company was able to create anticipation and appeal about the car among the motoring public in Australia. INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT In order to establish if indeed the marketing of Toyota Aurion has enabled Toyota Australia to meet its mission, objectives and/or growth strategies, one needs to identify the exact strategic aspirations that the company has for its short- and long-term operations. According to Griffin and Egan (2002), the company had set a target of increasing its production capacity by more than 50 percent within a five-year period.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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