Essays on The PEST Analysis of Apple iPhone Case Study

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The paper "The PEST Analysis of Apple iPhone " is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   Apple’ s iPhone is the latest development where the phone has been developed using the internet and is one of the most smartphones which is multimedia enabled. (Apple Website, 2011) The first phone was launched in 2007 and since then has grown to become a status symbol. With numerous application being supported by the smartphone has led towards the growth and development of the iPhone. (Apple Website, 2011) Purpose of the report To present the internal environment and its effect on the performance of Apple iPhone To present the external environment and its effect on the performance of Apple iPhone To identify the marketing opportunities by looking into the 4P’ s of marketing for Apple iPhone To identify a SWOT for Apple iPhone based on the above features To identify the supply chain and development for Apple iPhone Internal Environment Analysis Analysis of the internal factors will help to understand Apple iPhone better and will highlight the area where the company worked upon to be successful.

This will help to improve the understanding of the company and develop better strategies for the future. Vision Statement Apple iPhone vision statement is “ Innovate, differentiator, improve efficiency, quality service, reliability through continuous efforts of the employees for maximum customer satisfaction” .

(Apple Website, 2010) The company by being “ the best” wants to provide quality service, latest technology and value for their money. The company aims to ensure this by seeing a smile on everyone who visits the outlets. (Apple Website, 2010) Mission Statement “ Improve the quality of service and devise a mechanism to retain customers so that customer satisfaction remains high and they get value for money” .

(Apple Website, 2010) This goes with their vision statement and ensures that the objectives are achieved. Growth Strategy Apple iPhone has used the strategy of being a differentiator by using technology to develop their products. This has helped the iPhone to acquire a new customer who is fond of technology and also retain the old ones who replaces handsets on a regular basis. Past Performance Apple iPhone has bn doing well and the product is liked by the customers. The fact that Apple has sold over 100 million iPhones shows the popularity of the product and the manner in which the product has received worldwide acceptability. Unique Selling Proposition The unique selling proposition for Apple iPhone has been technological advancement used by them in developing smartphones and the applicability of iPhones to different applications which are approved by Apple. External Environmental Analysis The PEST analysis of Apple iPhone will help to explain how these factors have been included in the marketing strategies.

It will also throw light on the effectiveness of the marketing concepts and theories that have helped Apple iPhone.

The analysis is Political The marketing and service strategy of Apple iPhone gets affected by the political conditions prevailing in different countries where it is operating. Stability of the government has a role as changing government makes it difficult to implement policies which makes it difficult for the differentiator to function Changing tax nature also has a role as rising taxes makes it difficult to cope with the incremental expense.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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