Essays on Brand Positioning at Cadbury Chocolate Case Study

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The paper "Brand Positioning at Cadbury Chocolate" is a great example of a marketing case study.   The Cadbury dairy milk chocolate has been in the market for over a century now since it was first manufactured in the United Kingdom in 1905. Its exotic taste and texture have kept it in the market for all this time. Though its advertisements and packaging designs have evolved over the years with technological advances in production, its key ingredients and recipe have not changed since 1955 (Cadbury: our company). This Cadbury product has a unique taste that usually leaves one craving for more.

This is because of a combination of flavors: fresh milk, cocoa, and sugar. In addition to its exotic taste, the chocolate is affordable, communicable, and pre-emptive. It has a high-quality taste and a design logo among other features. The chocolate comes in different sizes and shapes suitable for different occasions as well as for all ages. The small bars weighing 45g-110g, are ideal for small treats, self-indulgence whereas the large ones (120g-3500) are suitable for gifts during different occasions. The design package of the Cadbury milk chocolate is the same worldwide.

The packaging comes with an iconic “ a glass and a half” image. This image shows a chunk of the chocolate flowing out of a glass that is half-full with creamy milk. The image itself is quite appetizing to the consumer. It has served as a successful advertisement for the product. This image is largely aimed at creating an association between chocolate and dairy milk. Children and youths mostly consume this product. These consumers benefit from purchasing the product. The chocolate bars are relatively affordable. Cadbury has taken into consideration its customer's financial level in addition to their ages (Lanham 36). 1.2 Current PricingCurrently, most consumers have a realization that they need to be conscious of their health (Sheth et al.

76). Research has also revealed that processed sugars cause many ailments. Perhaps, this is the major challenge Cadbury is facing in the marketing of the chocolate. The major competitors of Cadbury are Nestle and Star among others. However, the Cadbury dairy chocolate is cheaper as compared to the chocolates manufactured by its competitors.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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