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The paper 'Woolworths Situation Analysis" is a good example of a marketing case study. This report will outline Woolworth's current approach to social, cultural factors in line with the company's PESTEL analysis. The report will cover the company’ s trend for a green lifestyle which is yet to adopt fully and the essentials and strategies to be taken up and observed. The report will cover the acculturation theory that Woolworths is also yet to fully implement. The report will also cover the sustainability strategy which the company seems to be slow in implementing fully.

On the other hand, the paper will give a sneak pick on Woolworth's customer relations comparing the company's customer statistics and the proposed Woolworths Supermarket App which seeks to make shopping easier for the customers since they can enjoy the benefit of carrying out their shopping in the comfort of their sets. The reports will also give validation of the met accomplishments by the report. It will also cover the managerial implications to be carried out by the company's managers in reference to the discussed issues and how impactful they will be to the company in line with its competition with rivals within this industry. Introduction Woolworths is one of the largest supermarket chains globally.

Woolworths is claimed to be in operation in a total of 21 countries with the prospectus of expanding further in the coming years. However, the company growth and revenues have been threatened by the increasing competition in the retail stores and supermarkets global industry due to the entry of rising competitors such as Aldi and Coles who have made an entry into this particular industry.

Social culture is one factor inline with the company's PESTEL analysis that Woolworths needs to capitalize on to have a competitive advantage in this already saturated industry. This report, therefore, aims to outline the situation analysis of Woolworth's social-cultural aspect. Situation analysis of social-cultural factor as an external environment Green lifestyle approach Woolworths’ reluctance in adopting a green lifestyle seems to cost the company a significant number of potential customers who are preferring another retail store which has adopted this green lifestyle. With the consumer consumption of goods and services has increased tremendously across the world the issue of depletion of natural resources has also risen significantly throughout the world (Lee, Chang and Liu 2010).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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