Essays on Marketing Strategy for Kellogg's Sultana Bran Case Study

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The paper “ Marketing Strategy for Kellogg’ s Sultana Bran" is a worthy example of a case study on marketing. The cornerstone of marketing is the product itself. As such, firms are keen on developing products that will move fast in the market, meet consumer needs and generate profits. Marketers have to manufacture, package and describe their products in a manner that will keep consumers interested and satisfied. Kellogg has been successful in doing this in marketing one of their many products, Kellogg’ s Sultana Bran. Kellogg’ s Sultana brand is a trusted household breakfast cereal among Australians for a long time.

The Sultana Bran exists in three variants; the Sultana Bran, Sultana Bran Crunch and Sultana Bran Buds. The cereal is made from malty crisp wheat bran and contains the juicy sultanas, with the two later variants Sultana Bran, Sultana Bran Crunch having Buds and Crunches. Wheat bran has higher fibre content than other bran hence best suited to fill in daily fibre requirements. Fibre is essential for growing children and adults alike as it helps the digestive system and also keeps one full between meals.

Sultana Bran offers both the nutrients and tastes of fibres and fruit in one serving. The cereal is packed in airtight cartons and contains no added preservatives or food colours. This helps in preserving the natural taste of the cereal while keeping the cereal well preserved and free from contamination. Sultana contains some essential vitamins such as thiamine, zinc, folate and magnesium. As a carbohydrate, Sultana also offers enough fats and energy to give one a good start in the morning and is best suited for developing children (Kellogg 2010). To capture the attention of shoppers and consumers, Sultana Bran is packed in bright rectangular, purple packs with images of wheat bran and fresh sultana fruits.

The name of the product is calligraphed in bold white letters on the face of the pack. The corporate brand, Kellogg is also laced in smaller letters on the upper right-hand corner of the pack. The recommended daily intake of the product is well listed on the side of the pack as well as the ingredients (Kellogg 2010). Hoffmann (2008) says that the packaging of a product reflects image prestige and image of the manufacturer which consumers choose to fail to choose to associate with.

Kellogg has achieved this by packaging the product well in a bright purple pack that is easy to identify. Shimp (2008) says that the colour of the packaging has a lot of significance to consumers. By using purple, the Sultana brand seems to target the image-conscious consumers given that colour purple is associated with royalty, nobility and spirituality. Thus, the colour of the packaging is also a marketing strategy for Kellogg Sultana Bran.

Current Pricing: The pricing of a product is an indicator of a company’ s marketing strategy. Many consumers tend to be price-sensitive especially in perfectly competitive markets where there are many substitutes. As a sublime marketer as shown by the success of the Kellogg company, the pricing of the Sultana Bran reflects the aspirations of the company in meeting consumer needs and generating profits (Kotler, Keller & Brady 2009). An inquiry by the Southern Sydney Retailers Association Ltd. (2008) shows that the average price of breakfast cereals, Sultana Bran included has risen by 54% between 1990 and 2007 which is higher than the CPI.

Fortunately for Kellogg, the rise in prices has been uniform. Currently, the 820g pack goes for A$7.53 at Best price directory while the same goes for $7.51 at Woolworths as of Monday 29 November 2010. The closest competitor, Weetabix’ s Crunchy Bran is packed in smaller amounts, 375g and goes for around $3.1. Kellogg is a strong brand name that consumers easily recognise and trust hence brand loyalty has protected the company from extreme reactions to price changes and also because price changes have also affected the whole industry.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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