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The paper entitled "On the Pulse of the Networked Society" is a great example of a Marketing Assignment. Cellphone Technologies is a manufacturer of mobile phones. The company designs manufacture and market an extensive range of mobile phone devices, from simple feature phones to highly advanced devices. The primary focus of the company will be to develop and market an affordable yet standard range of highly advanced mobile phones on the market in the Asia-Pacific region. With this in mind, the company seeks to bring to the market a wide range of highly advanced cell phone products as a way of meeting the growing demand for mobile phones and other devices it the Asia-Pacific region as noted by GSMA & A.

T. Kearney (2014, p. 8). It is believed that by developing a broad range of standard but affordable mobile phones, the company will fill the existing gap in the market. Step 2 For Cellphone Technologies to be successful, there is a need for the brands of mobile phones developed to meet the key requirements in the market. The essence of the company is to provide standard phones at affordable prices to the market.

This means that both quality and price are important factors to be considered when meeting the needs of potential clients. In order to meet these requirements, the company will have to strike a balance between quality and design on one hand and overhead costs and the need to break even on the other. These are the factors that will determine the pricing strategy adopted by the company for its products in the market. The target customers for the products of the company will be young individuals who seek to own highly advanced mobile devices.

Generally, such clients are looking for elaborate mobile phones that bear all the essential characteristics that are currently required of mobile phones. These include access to the Internet, availability of a broad range of applications, a camera, and video editing capability. This implies that the customers, who are already aware of the operational technologies that come with highly advanced mobile phones like the touch screen technology and Internet connectivity functions, will not be required to undergo any significant operational change in order to successfully use the products that will be introduced by Cellphone Technologies. Also, when making the decision to purchase smartphones, customers are more likely to make comparisons with the other well established global brands of mobile phones.

The focus of Cellphone Technologies is to ensure that the products have a competitive advantage in terms of pricing. It is believed that with budget-conscious customers, the range of mobile phones offered by the company will have a competitive advantage over the other well established global brands. This will be so because the products will incorporate all the technologies that are included in other standard and advanced brands but retail at a slightly lower price.

Such an aggressive pricing strategy will be supported by a cost advantage strategy that will be based on using proprietary technology in the mobile devices presented to the market as argued by Porter (2008, n. pag). This means that the company will base on its low costs of manufacturing to tap into the market for mobile phones and devices in the Asia-Pacific region.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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