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The paper "Personal Skills Portfolio" is an outstanding example of a management essay.   My name is Johnson Mesut. I completed my bachelor's degree in Public Relations two months ago from Edith Cowan University, and I am looking for a professional job as a public relations officer. I obtained an overall second class upper grade. I have undergone the full course comprising of forty-five different modules. I also hold a certificate in Information Technology from the same school. In fact, my skills portfolio would be beneficial in many ways. For instance, the skills portfolio would showcase what I have theoretically learned in school and how I am practically capable of applying it in real-life situations thus, it would help me in getting a job.

During my final year at the university, I got an attachment at Fortune Call Company for four months. The company offers calls, internet, money, short message services to the customers possessing registered mobile phone cards from the company. The attachment contributed significantly to adding my academic qualifications with real-life experience. I worked as a customer care attendant. In that company, I played many roles.

My first role involved receiving phone calls from customers with queries, comments and important information. After receiving calls, I could help the customers in whichever way possible by the company’ s rules and regulations. The other role involved making calls to the customers on various matters regarding the different matters of operations or client’ s issues. The other role involved receiving short messages from clients and making helpful replies. The other task involved welcoming clients who visited the company’ s offices. In this case, I could greet the customers with the utmost respect, ask their problems and direct them to the right place where they could obtain help on the organization’ s premises.

I also worked as an assistant accounts clerk in the same company where I played two roles in this position. My first role was recording the attendance register of employees in the organization.  

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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