Essays on Exploration of Use of Business Process Reengineering in the Qatar Banking Sector Assignment

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The paper "Exploration of Use of Business Process Reengineering in the Qatar Banking Sector" is a great example of an assignment on business. Abstract/ Summary: Please provide some background about the project, company, situation, and overall summary as to the nature of the problem and what is required (approx 500 words)The emergence of the global economy, the transcendency of the global village and society, and the rapid transformation of industries economies into information- and knowledge-based economies have posed new challenges that businesses must meet for survival so that they are able to stay competitive.

These metamorphoses require that every business needs to rethink, not just the elements of its economic and social milieu, but in the technological contexts as well. The challenges that pertain to this context continue to undergo evolution over time and redefine the understanding that one has about the nature of the business environment, its organizational structure, business processes, management, and competition. One needs to understand the fact that with the evolutionary stages that an economy touches, the new technology would affect business processes and organizational structures in various ways.

This effect is actualized through automation, information, and communication. By automating parts of the business processes through information systems, organizations are able to attain greater efficiencies. With the very encouraging reports from various think-tanks and Qatar at the helm of development in different sectors, the country’ s banking industry is set to be one of the best performings in the region. The country and its banking sector have drawn a lot of attention over the past five years given the trend of increasing economic growth which it has witnessed since the beginning of the decade.

The sector in fact ended up recording real GDP growth of 8.5% in 2007’ s third quarter In this region, it is noteworthy that Qatar is one of the wealthiest countries, with a GDP per capita of around US$76,129 in 2007.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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