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Personal skills analysis Some people say that you need to be born an entrepreneur, while others that everyone could become one. Personally I think that some people have entrepreneurial skills in their blood. I also believe that you could become one if you believe in it and you really want it. I came to this country without knowing the language or the culture. I just wanted to save some money for University. I did not believe that in a year’s time I would learn English, find more friends, and start falling in love in this country.

I started to believe in myself. I knew that learning English would help me find a better job and enrol in a University in this country. I have always been a risk taker. I did not know how fluent my English was going to be in a year or two. I also did not know if I would ever find a better job or start University. I could have wasted two years of my life working in a factory and not achieve anything; however I decided to take a risk and work really hard to achieve my goals.

I knew that nothing comes really easy and that it was a long term investment. Since that time I became a more self-confident person due to the fact that I believed in myself. As an entrepreneur you should be confident. You should believe in the business or product you are selling. There is nothing worse than going to the shop and being served by someone who does not have an idea about the product. I have good management skills.

I know how to manage my time effectively. By working as a shift supervisor I learned how to manage people successfully. Working as a supervisor also taught me how to work under pressure, take responsibility, and make quick decisions. These skills can be enhanced through self-training. When I started I did not know what to do in stressful situations. I learned that when tough situations come you just deal with them. Now I know what to do to make my shift run smoothly. I think I also have great interpersonal skills.

My job taught me how to be aware of the words I am using when I talk to people or give the orders. I take my time to listen to what the others try to say through verbal or non-verbal communication. I learned how to recognise stress in others or myself. There is nothing worse than an unhappy employee on your shift ruining the mood of others. Finance is one of the things an entrepreneur needs to be familiar with. I am not really good with numbers.

Numbers are the language of business so I believe before I could start my own business I would have to complete a finance course. I believe some of my characteristics are very close to those which an entrepreneur should have. I have to work on my finance skills first to become successful. When it comes to money I am not sure if I would invest a large amount of money in a business. It is possible that my business might make a profit and I could end up with high debt.

Now we talk about risk-taking again. I’m a kind of person who is a risk taker but only in a small scale.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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